india is the most racist country in the world
I think “racism” as an ideology is something unique to Europe and the traditional European colonies.

While Zionism was influenced by colonialism, I think in terms of ideology, it’s a bit different from Britain-style world domination colonialism.

while discrimination is a massive problem in india and Israel, imo it can be better classified as ethnic and religious discrimination, rather than racism.

This isn’t to downplay some of the awful things done in those countries.
I hate guntards.

Honestly feel like being pro-gun is such a white privileged position to take.

Like the epidemic of gun violence in America disproportionately affects minorities. Whenever there is a mass shooting, who is most likely to be the target? People of color, lgbt people, Jews, Muslims, and other minorities.

As someone who’s part of a Jewish community, I can say this has had a very visible effect on my community. Look at all the safety precautions synagogues need to take vs churches.

But even beyond mass shootings, who do you think is most effected by gang violence and gun crime? People of color who disproportionately live in high crime neighborhoods.

Yet while minorities bare the brunt of gun violence in America, it’s always wealthy white suburbanites who cry about how guns are essential to their safety.
Three major political leaders that have arrest warrants on them:

🇵🇰 Imran Khan. (locally)
🇺🇸 Donald Trump. (locally)
🇷🇺 Vladimir Putin. (ICC)
🇮🇳 Amritpal singh (locally)

Interesting happening around the world.

Strange times ahead