I think people to get too up in arms over stupid shit
I dont really think it's a big deal if someone is ethnically jewish as it's not really something they can change

like im not going to be unable to get along with a jew just cause his race is not mine
much in the same way, I have a friend who's not irish
Yeah, I’ve always tried to form an opinion about somebody based on how they talk and act instead of any other personality aspects…assholes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors (but mostly white) :optimistic:


"My Times They Are Not-Changin":-

Idk what's worse.

De Santis launching his presidential bid like a movie teaser or Republicans civil wars that portrays Trump as the chad

Don have no plan as of now to widen his base

Repackaging every Trumpians thing,
Atleast Trump had his unique MAGA political sign, Desatan is trying to leech off everything from Trump
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