Genshin Impact Discussion Thread


Begone, bad Spirits!
give zhongli


keqing is nice why dont u want her? is yomiya even good lol, kazuha have much better design
Don't have the build for her yet and not the Mora to level her up. And I need to save a lot of gems to get the next event chara, so no Kazuha unless I get him in the first 20 pulls.


Tatakai... Tatakai... TATAKAIII !!
My current roster is Hu Tao Fischl/Venti Ganyu and Noelle
I also Have Zhongli and Eula

I wish I had Jean for the skin damn

I also have 3 5 Star weapons, Hu Taos Homa Staff, the one from Eula and a Wolf's Gravestone:cheers:

currently building new supports (Beidou and Xinqiu)
give hutao ganyu and zhongli :((