Chapter Discussion Gigantification, Vegapunk and Luffy’s devil fruit was a artifical devil fruit?

According to law gigantification was the most researched thing in onepiece. And if Marines succeed on this research no one can stop them.

Think about the elbaf giants brogy and dorry and what they did to the giant goldfish! That laser beam that they did could beat an entire fleet of marines! Remember this is only two giants… what about oars his race and what he did to marineford arc normal marines doesnt even know how to fight him. Chopper’s Gigantification with his rubble ball, Kaido’s numbers (the giants one on his crew). Think about why Bigmom why she thinks the giants has the greatest army in the world and she was so mad to Lola because of the failed marriage with the king of the giants. theres a good reason why Bigmom thinks that she could become the pirate king if Lola did marry the king of the giants… simply because their unstoppable.

Lets go to Yonji, sanji’s brother, he said that Vegapunk manage to pull of a living organism “linage factor” or the blueprints of life and He even stated that Vegapunk has the power the once thought only attributable to God himself..

Think about how he made an artificial devil fruit of Kaido and everything else that he did, to franco’s power up, vegapunk and issho’s plan to abolishing the 7 warlords!

So what is luffy’s devil fruit connection with this gigantification thiing? Well think about of luffy’s gear third and his gear fourth why it makes him a giant? Why it gigantify his muscles and bones also and gives him a boost on his strength why overusing it makes him weak or little? Why does his devil fruit different to other devil fruits that weve seen?…What if Vegapunk succeded on making a artifical devil fruit that can turn a human into a giant by making them a rubber man and they could still use their human form and their giant form anytime?

Why do we even get so much overpowered stuff manga chapters that relates to vegapunk anyway And how great his inventions? This is Ever since the part 1 until to new world! Think about it…

I mean what if vegapunk was once connected to Roger and shanks!? And vegapunk personaly ask shanks to stole the gomu gomu no his own invention?
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There could be a legitimate link to gigantification purposes for Luffy’s fruit for sure.
I personally believe the SSG are giant clones made from Oars‘ corpse 2 years ago at Marineford. We saw the Vinsmoke be able to clone people and there its indication that Vegapunk has already done it with the Pacifista being clones of Kuma. If Vegapunk could do that with ancient giants and grow them in two years we would be for a heck of a final war. So yeah pretty scary dude.

I don't think Oda would do that to Luffy!
Artificial devil fruits probably don't have Awakening!
Well according to Yonji Vegapunk discovered the blueprints of life that was only thought atributal to God! What ever that is maybe devil fruit has to do with it. Imagine how Vegapunk successfully made an artificial devil fruit of Kaido! We dont know how powerful this artificial devil fruit to begin with what if it doesnt only gives 10% what if its 100%? What if Vegapunk succeed on making artificial devil fruit that gives 100% powers just like a real devil fruit does?

I mean ever since the beginning Onepiece is full of giants stories, to broggy and dorry, Moria’s Oars, luffy’s gear third,Rubble ball of Chopper even caesar knew how to upgrades his rubble ball, Px 0-9,Kaido’s numbers, Sea kings and shirahoshi, The national treasure of Marijois the giant straw hat.

Probably Vegapunk knew about the void century and he hid his research to the celestial dragons and the gorosei. He probably even asked shank who he probably knew before and the only one who he entrust with what he discovered/created which is luffy’s devil fruit
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