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8 vanilla townies vs 2 mafia goons vs 2 unjesters. During the day phase, instead of voting to lynch, players vote for who will have the gun. During the following night phase, players may discuss with the player who has the gun on who to shoot. Mafia has a factional delayed kill. The kill will occur at the end of the next night. The unjester wins the game once they have been shot at with a gun. Getting shot by mafia does not count. The unjesters can self-shoot. However, only one unjester can self-shoot. If one of them does, then the other cannot anymore. The game will end if both unjesters win.

Players -
1. @Fujishiro - [Unjester] - Killed N1
3. @Flower - [Mafia Goon] - Killed N2
4. @novaselinenever - [Unjester] - Died N3
5. @Lindltaylor - [Vanilla Townie] - Died N2
6. @Thururuzao
7. @Nick
8. @MangoSenpai - [Vanilla Townie] - Died N4
9. @Worst - [Vanilla Townie] - Killed N4
10. @Dr_Professor83
11. @ConquistadoR - [Vanilla Townie] - Killed N3
12. @AL sama

It is now Day 1. You have 15 minutes to decide who gets the gun.
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Oh it started already, just got home from my volunteer work. I read for the blind on my free time every thursday

Gotta get ready for my birthday party tonight too

Vote Gun Nova
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