[FNZ] Turbo game Give me the gun 5

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@Wanji CUCKSMOKE a [Vanilla Townie] has been killed!

@AL sama a [Vanilla Townie] has died!

With this, leaves @Thururuzao @Nick and @Dr_Professor83 as the only alive players. Since Prof and Thuru both already received the gun, it de facto goes to Nick. And as it happens that Nick is mafia, whoever he kills tonight, makes his team win the game. As such, there's no need to prolong this.

And with that, Mafia (@Nick @Flower ) and the Unjester (@Fujishiro ) have won the game! Congrats to the winners and thank you everyone for playing. I hope you guys enjoyed this game!

read the whole game

im surprised conq was shot before nick

also nick pushing mango when mango was gna be the mafia kill was sus af lmao

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