Versus Battle Gokei takes on the current Qin 6 members

So, on one side we have GG Gokei of Wei, one of the Fire Dragons.

Those are my thoughts on him :
I think that Gokei sometimes gets underrated or not talked about enough. I would have loved to see more of him.

- Member of the Wei fire dragons, who ravaged the plains of China together with the Zhao Three Great Heavens and the Qin 6. Amongst his group, he was the one who actually continued to do so for years and years.

- Ouki praised him to the high heavens.

- He obliterated a shit ton of Qin soldiers in a very short period of time.

- When Hyou finally reached him (wanting to take his head) he had already thought of 50 retreating strategies and he could have certainly made the adept choice there (instead of the BS "invaders" thing and the fight with Hyou).

The duke was in a very bad spot there.

- Heck, even after the BS Gokei death, the other general could have rallied up the 50,000 Wei soldiers around the Duke Hyou ones, had he not been intimated by Ouki.

- The important roles played by the unknown Shin, Kyoukai and that sector. And the presence and roles played by Ouki.

Gokei was a freaking monstrous general, one of the very best in China.
@Owl Ki Made similiar observations as well.

In the other side, we have the current five members of the new Qin 6. Gokei takes them on, we basically have five matchups. In each matchups, we have equalized forces. 150k soldiers on each side. Gokei wages war at the best of his capabilities.

State how you think each will go, reasons that have led you to that choice (or that might lead you to a certain choice, terrain etc).

1. Gokei vs Moubu
2. Gokei vs Kanki
3. Gokei vs Ousen
4. Gokei vs Yotanwa
5. Gokei vs Tou

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I don’t think he’s underrated, he is the strongest Wei General we’ve ever seen and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone deny that. They would be wrong to do so.

1. He loses to Moubu. I will not elaborate.

2. Him vs Kanki is either way, tricky to talk about that one since Kanki’s tactics are so unorthodox, Kanki might have an advantage here due to the nature of his warfare.

3. Probably Ousen? Ousen is superior strategically while Gokei is superior tactically. Ousen just seems like the type of commander Gokei would lose to.

4. I could see him defeating Yotanwa if he fights optimally and, but overall I think he probably loses to her in a headon fight.

5. Tou is either way.
Moubu will totally brutalize any and all of his schemes, same goes for Ousen but he will use more brains than muscles.
Kanki and YTW both possess different set of skills which can overwhelm him. Kanki with his mind games can totally outplay Gokei by brining something up from his traumatize past as a prince of a fallen kingdom and use it to break him. YTW can rally her troops and like no other General and can also adapt to any kind of sudden changes in the battlefield while still having the prime goal set in her mind., as see in Zhao invasion arc.
Maybe Tou and him can be put on equal footing with 150k army each. But overall, General Tou had been serving under GG Ouki for a long time and he has the undying Rokumi and few other OG retainers of Ouki by his side. So unless Gokei pulls some serious strategic moves and outplays Tou which will be a super impressive feat, he will take this one. But, as I said it will require some serious near-Riboku/Ousen level of tactical genius to outsmart Tou, so Tou wins most likely.
I hadn't written my thoughts on this.

1. Gokei vs Moubu : Gokei. He's too good of a strategist/tactician.

2. Gokei vs Kanki : Tricky one. Gokei is one of the best brains in the manga but Kanki's warfare is lethal too. I don't know.

3. Gokei vs Ousen : Ousen is one of the few people who's even better in what Gokei is phenomenal at. Giving it to Ousen.

4. Gokei vs Yotanwa : I give the edge to Gokei.

5. Gokei vs Tou : Imo 50/50. Either way.

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I hate to say this but Gokei loses to all of them. Mostly because Gokei has no strong and reliable commanders to back him up, I mean Gokei the master strategist himself is the strongest fighter of his army Lmfao.

If he has Gaimou or Ranbihaku in his army then he might, just might be able to beat Moubu, Yotanwa and Tou in open warfare.