Powers & Abilities Golem Pica's height is no more than 360m

flashback to the post that claimed Alabasta is the size of australia.

I seriously disagree that size can be measured like that in OP.

drawing is too inconsistent.
take 1 extreme and Pica ends up kilometers high. pick another and he becomes a glorified Oars.

for me hes several hundred meters high.
in the end, it does not really matter if its an entire kilometer or just 300m...
The height of the rocks in the bottom isn't the same that golem's legs, for the contrary, the rocks in the bottom are biggest than the golem and the hill:

Because the perspective, in some panel the rocks look smaller for being further away that the golem and the hill.

So, if we regard the estimation of the rocks's height in this thread, the golem is smaller that 600 meters in the best cases and smaller of 150 meters in the worst case.
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This is a WEEKLY manga, of course scale wouldnt make sense some times, specialy when we are dealing with things the size of mountains.

What we know for sure is that even Don Chinjao who is a pretty old pirate and used to fight prime Garp was impressed with Zoro's ability when he cut Pica in half, and lets not pretend he only cut Pica once, he slashed that bitch up until he had nowhere left to run, lets not forget Zoro dosent has a DF to help and at the same time hinder him, soo everything he does is pure haki and phisical ability, Law would need to be inside his room, wich is already pretty damn taxing on his stamina, just to be able to compete with Zoro. And since its proven that Law cant just cut anything inside his room like he couldnt cut Dofffy, it wouldnt even be much an issue for Zoro to beat Law, lets not forget that Law's slashes wouldnt hurt Zoro since the slashes from his df dont realy do any harm per say, but one slash from Zoro and Law=dead.
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