Great Generals Tournament, Losers R1 - Round 5

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Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

Unto Greater Heights
So, here's what's going on: There were supposed to be 2 rounds left in Losers, Ou Kotsu vs Gaku Ki and Kyou vs Rei Ou. However, both of those matchups just seemed boring to me lol. So instead of doing 2 final losers rounds, I figured we'd just combine them into one for a massive battle to end Losers R1 lol. We'll figure out how this will effect tournament rounds later lol. So let's do this!

-Some of the Generals featured in this tournament have only hype and no feats, so just vote based on who you think would win based on whatever reasoning you feel!
-You MUST vote in the poll for your vote to count!
-Discussion is of course encouraged but keep it civil. Feel free to try and persuade each other why the General you feel is stronger overall would win.
-Every General in the Losers Bracket still has a legitimate shot at winning the entire tournament. However, if you lose a round in the losers bracket, you are out of the tournament.

Loser(s) of this round is Eliminated

Round 1 - Losers R5

Gaku Ki

-The Legend of Yan: Gaku Ki has a Yan Army of 150,000
-Subordinate Generals: Geki Shin (with his Quanrong Cavalry)


Rei Ou

-Rei Ou has a Wei Army of 100,000 including 5,000 Wei War Chariots
-Subordinate Generals: Ran Bi Haku

Total Army Size: 250,000
Army Supreme Commander: Gaku Ki



-Kyou has a Qin Army of 110,000


Ou Kotsu

-Ou Kotsu has a Qin Army of 100,000

Total Army Size: 210,000
Army Supreme Commander: Kyou

Location: Bayou Outskirts
Scenario: Gaku Ki and Rei Ou begin on the Zhao Side. Kyou and Ou Kotsu begins on the Qin side.
War to slay the opposing commander or force them to surrender by any means necessary. Literally any strategy or lack-there-of is allowed. If you think one of the Generals would permanently retreat, count that as a loss for that General.

Holy shit..!! So the Qin’s gonna take a whopping L in this battle. :milaugh:
But that is to be expected when they are out against the might Gaku-Ki and Rei Ou, who both hold mighty feats.
Firstly, Gaku-Ki is someone capable of leading the Coalition army (like Riboku but successful) against the former powerhouse Qi which was obviously more resourceful than Qin during its coalition war. He is by far one of the superior General who earned the title Military God.

Secondly, Rei Ou the one who was able to pressurise even Ouki himself (stated somewhere) and is the supreme strategist who is the sensei to Gou Houmei. He was the master mind behind the Wei’s Seven Dragons ( my assumptions) cause it is stated in several occasions that his intelligence was praised by all (friend and foe).

On the Qin side we have Kyou and Ou Kotsu who both are brute Generals with strategy being their weak point. Not much is known about them but Kyou was addressed as the one who has no care for casualty and charges recklessly in the battlefield which would evenly impact both sides. And the same can be said about the Ou Kotsu. Most of the Qin GG were brute force except for Ko Shou himself who was pure strategist. And Ou kotsu has no great feats about him in the records.

In conclusion, this battle will most likely turn out to be Brawn Vs the Brains. And the brains involved in this are of superior ones. Kyou was probably low-mid diffed by younger Houken meaning her strength cannot be the enough to gap the bridge here. Plus we also have the army size difference with 250k against 210k.
The first team wins mid-diff..!!
Military God Gakuki is someone who managed to single handedly equal west/central china's best, with 2 more highly capable Great Generals and General Ranbihaku who could easily wound Tou, and with the Quanrong elite cavalry composed of the poisonous cats/dogs, along with the fact they have 40,000 more troops, they would rape Qin lol
GakuKi and ReiOu takes this but its not going to be an easy one like everyone thinks.

Not much info is available about Kyou and OuKotsu in manga but considering historical feats of Kyou, she along with OuKotsu can definitely give lots of difficulty to GakuKi and ReiOu. Historically Kyou got undefeated record with destroying her opponents and in manga it was clearly mentioned that she was prodigy of warfare whether its tactics or martial strength.