News Half Year Manga Sales Ranking 2021 !

Series sales:

1-KNY: 26,351,483
2-JJK: 23,797,483
3-Tokyo Revengers: 5,007,825
4-Attack on Titan: 4,635,754
5-Chainsaw Man: 4,181,650
6-The Promised Neverland: 3.191.416
7-My Hero Academia: 3.045.057
8-Haikyuu!!: 2.944.002
9-Kingdom: 2.596.395
10-One Piece: 2.573.010

Volume Sales:

One Piece Volume 98 is in 5th place with 1,876,047 copies.
damn TOkyo Revengers going off the past few months

Zoro D Goat

ℨπ”₯π”žπ”¬'𝔰 π”Šπ”―π”’π”žπ”± β„Œπ”’π”žπ”³π”’π”«π”°!πŸ‘‘
Haven't watch or read Tokyo Revengers but I'm actually amazed how well it's doing right now.
Volume 99 and 100 aren't out yet and it will be a while before 100 will be out

Not sure if it's the lack of volumes or the quality of the story rn what's causing the decilne but i feel like in 2022 one piece will be doing a lot better
This is the moment everyone was expecting. Wano 'war'. Fight against 2 Yonkos. Chapter 1000. No reason for this.
OP may got better until the end of the year but it will be at top number 3 now. It will never again sell those 20mi of JJK and Kimetsu. Remembering that Kimetsu already finished it story.