Powers & Abilities Has Luffy really hit his Peak? There might be one last massive powerup to come.

Toon force logically speaking should already be the top, it is reality warping basically which is something you see in high end beings in marvel/dc verses. It is broken without saving. Yet it is also horrible and that is why you don't see naruto, bleach etc. Have their MC get something so broken. This to say that if this is Luffy last form and he uses it in his final fight that final fight will suck. Instead of having the mc give his all ti beat the villain it will be another clown fiesta just like vs Kaido (I hope Oda has at least the decency to not resuscitate Luffy multiple times in his eos fight). So I hope will cone back to something acceptable like G4, 3, or 2. But he has to somewhat justify a non broken fight style is an evolution of a broken skill, which makes no sense but we will eventually see how Oda cooks this.
Where is written that the g4 has still a time limit? Luffy can use the g4 in every moment, he choose to deactive when he needs a skinner body
He ran out of gear4 during the fight after kong gatling and prior to getting koed he almost ran out of it.Now with awakening he might be able to maintain it without using haki,since it seems he has a way better control of his rubber body now.We need to wait and see to confirm if it has a time limit or not and that will take a admiral/yonko fight,because current luffy with gear 2/3 stomps any YC because of his haki mastery.
He must definitely have another power to discover.

How ridiculous is Oda's naming him as the Sun God when he does not have the power of the sun?
No I used to think so until we saw Shanks. I think Luffy will get stronger haki mastery and devil fruit mastery.
He will also probably be able to get new haki abilities becoming more efficient.
Obivoulsy there will be a powerup for sure. Oda will try to make his next fight..or next important fight more OP to make it seem its progressing...so he would have to power up luffy too.
As long as there's a next big baddie there will be a next power up
Luffy still needs to master Nika form and maybe improve his haki further before fucking Imu
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I want to believe he is on the peak of plot armor.

G5 seems so weak to me. Kaido was still joking with him.
lol no, G5 Luffy raped Kaido
I think he has hit his peak but is far from mastering it on a high level , I think when he truly master it he will be able to combine all gears into one's which is the full mastery over gear 5 plus the next stage of advance Coc