Spoiler Hi Shin Unit Army- Prediction Thread

This thread will contain some historical spoilers and manga spoilers if you're not caught up with the manga, so please read with caution. The appropriate labels will be given to the spoilers.

Chu Campaign prediction for the HSU (12 years from now):

Since I believe the HSU army set up will resemble the Ouki army, I'll be basing my structure for them based on the Ouki Army.

Shin - Great General
Kyoukai - General/Great General (not certain)
Ten - Strategist
Sosui - General
En - General
Denyuu - General
Hairou - General
Gakurai - General
Suugen - General
1 of archer bros - General

End of Story prediction for the HSU (15 years from now):

Shin - Great General
Kyoukai - Great General
Ten - Strategist
Sosui - General
Naki - General
Garo - General
Denei - General
1 of archer bros - General
Ryuusen - General


Share your predictions for ranks and how powerful you think the HSU will be at different stages of the manga!

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Fleet Admiral Lee Hung

The Pharaoh Sails To Orion
Shin-Great General, Greatest General of All Time
Lately I've been convinced of the idea that Shin will in fact slay Renpa during the Final Chu War. I think this is what the narrative has set up from the moment Shin and Renpa met and talked during Sanyou. Renpa told Ouki that he wants to return to the battlefield to face true GG level opponents, which by EOS Shin will be. Mougou told Renpa that his flame had long died out with the rest of the Great Generals, and with Shin emerging to that level, Renpa himself will awaken to his full strength and Shin will essentially face and slay, a prime Renpa. This will complete Renpa's story arc as well as fulfill what Renpa told Shin when he says "the only way you're going to surpass us is if you do something we could not do" in the truest sense, Shin slaying Renpa will mark the point where Shin surpasses the Great Generals of old and enters GOAT territory.

Kyou Kai-General
Still not a fan of her leaving the HSU, she'll stay with the HSU and be Shin's Tou.

Ten will solidify herself as the greatest strategist of all time by out-strategizing
Shouheikun himself in the final war against Chu.

En and Sosui will remain as Lieutenants, mostly strategizing alongside Ten
Denyuu, Ryusen, Gakurai, Garou, and I suppose Ryusen will be shin's vassal Generals.
The Hi Hyou lead by Gaku Rai and Ga Ro will be Shin's personal calvary troops.