Questions & Mysteries How did Mihawk become WSS then?


WB we have no record of whom he defeated to be called the WS. He fought against Roger and we saw him fight admirals.

Kaido isn't the WSC its not an official title since his title box only stated "King of Beasts" and outside info says in quotation "known as". But he fought against Oden who clashed against WB and Roger and was Stronger when he faced Kaido stated by the Manga itself.

Now Mihawk.. He has no record of anything except his fights with Shanks and how WB praised them.

But if you are questioning his Strength

then by association we know from WB pov that:-
Shanks = Mihawk
And Shanks Clashed with WB and WB fought Roger and 3 Admirals.

Kaido's pov:-
Shanks = Roger = WB = Oden = Rocks and since we know That Shanks = Mihawk.

Zoro's pov:-
Everything Zoro does is climbing to Mihawk and even after fighting both Kaido and King he still thinks he isn't there yet.

Why would Oda not show anything regarding Mihawk's Past?

Mihawk's only purpose is "fighting" what kind of story telling is going to be for Mihawk if Oda revealed "everything aka fights" about him 1000 chapter early..

And comon don't make a fool out of yourself.. This is a shonen .. and by default every enemy they face will be "stronger" than the previous one. All you have to do is define what "stronger" than the previous one means.

Right now King's children seems to be a problem since Oda chose to make Luffy states that they are "Kaido" if we are at the level of facing "Kaido's" and a Gorosei Planet level on the way.. And we still haven't faced Mihawk.

I mean...

You do you.. my advice to you is let the story tell itself
Provide the manga scenes that shows Mihawk didn't defeat them.
Are you on drugs?

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Mihawk definitely makes some fans nervous

If they really think he is weak then why Mihawk makes them so insecure?

Reality is Mihawk still being active and with all these important top tiers popping up back to back with their faces kaido and BM already out of race breaks their headcannon bubble :milaugh:
Naah, people here just saying obvious thing, that is clear, as ZKK not happen.


The Rogue Prince
i think for now we just have to respect the story tell us that this guy is the strongest in something..
who is the prev WSS ? and how mihawk take the title from him/her ? i think they don't have to beat anyone to get certain title..
yes, that's is one way to get the title, but that's not the only way..

i can give u a real life examples, there is new world chess champion from china Ding Liren. he took the title last month this may 2023..
but did he beat previous champion Magnus Carlsen? no.. Magnus simply didn't participate this year for whatever his reason.
That's the point.
Oda doesn't care about previous title holders for any title.
Is there a new WSM? Or is there a new WSC? Or were there old ones?
Only Titles which are changing hands like this is Luffy/Pirate King & Zoro/World's Strongest Swordsman.

Mostly it doesn't compare to anything like that, because these Titles are what the author is telling us about that character's power.
It's not about whether a certain character didn't participate or not, there aren't any tournaments or judge boards giving this title. This title basically passes to another person when he defeats the current strongest - or atleast that's how it'll move in Zoro's case. How do we know that? Because Zoro already tried it - he tried fighting Mihawk and he was weaker than him, not just less "skilled" but weaker in strength. And how will he win? By growing strong enough to beat Mihawk in a fight.

Basically, Zoro will be the Strongest Swordsman when he beats the Current Strongest Swordsman. There isn't a cutting contest or who has the best "feats" judging panel, it exchanges names when character A beats character B.

Maybe in a Mihawk flashback we'll get info about who he beat for the title to pass, that doesn't mean it's important because it was never important for any other World's Strongest title too.

back to the topic, i think the real point here is who is zoro last fight nasujuro or mihawk.. this question is just pure speculation
i don't think anyone have valid enough argument to support their opinion.. because there is a lot of uncertainty & potential plot twist
That doesn't matter too.
Because Zoro's future opponents aren't necessarily better than his past opponents.

Ohm & Braham weren't stronger than Daz Bones.
Zombie Ryuma wasn't stronger than Kaku.
Kamazou wasn't stronger than Pica.

Just like in Luffy's case too.
Ulti is no where near Katakuri or Doflamingo or Cracker.
Lucci is no where near Kaidou.
Blueno was never even near Crocodile.
None of the Pre TS Luffy opponent Characters were stronger than Enel or Magellan.

Even if Mihawk comes first, whoever comes later aren't necessarily stronger than Mihawk.
It depends on how that fight goes, and to what extent Zoro is pushed & how he overcomes it.

Also about how the character that comes after is portrayed compared to Mihawk.
In this Manga, Portrayal is King.
Growth isn't always linear.
In OP, titles are based on the reputation. Not feats.

If people think that you are the stronoger, then the title is yours.

Mihawk didn't defeat a single top tier character.
Kaido didn't defeat a single top tier character.

But Mihawk and Kaido were the WSS and the WSC.

So we can assume that a title is correct until proven otherwise.

The only man in this manga with a valid title is WB, because was as strong as Roger and Roger was the peak of pirates.