Questions & Mysteries How did Quincies get exterminated in the past..??

I recently re-read TYBW arc and all of those elite Sternritter were OP as f*ck. Even the Captain Commander lvl character was having troubles just to keep up with them. Many of the PUs of the Sternritter put Bankai of elite captains to Shame. Lille Barro purely lost cause Shunsiu had God-Killer in possession (wtf), Gerard and Haschwalth lost cause Yhwach was a dumb f*ck and didn't let them finish the job before sucking them dry. Even Urahara got caught in the Gift Ball trap set by 'possibly the lower ranked elite'-sternritter.
If the line up of the past was also somewhat similar to the current one, I can see no way that Yamamoto (along with his Shinigami army) could put them down along with Yhwach himself. Was there ever any explanations on it..?? Did they somehow get extraordinary Boost in powers..?? If Yhwach could just re-distribute power among Quincies how come he didn't do so in the past battle..??
The sternritter didn't exist as they did back then. They only had traditional quincy abilities until Yhwach found a way to provide a stronger power by writing the letters in their souls with their schrifts. I'm also assuming some of the quincies were later additions anyways since people like As Nodt were in modern day hospital beds.

That's why Quilge talks about how they evolved from the Letzt Stil to the Vollstandig

The first war they got destroyed but the 2nd war they had evolved with Vollstandig and the schrifts
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I think Quincies saw how OP Bankai were so they created those devices to steal it. And maybe Yhwach didn't implement the Shrift system in his strenritters back then but it makes no sense as Uryuu got his shrift in his very first ceremony as a Sternritter.


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Very odd question but when I think about it for some longer period of time the answers may vary depending on people which is lowkey crazy.

Isn't the safest bet OG Gotei?

The Og Gotei 13 murdered them
Well, nvm. Someone said it before me, lol.

Think this very much implies that the OG13‘s bankai’s were enough to turn the tide in the past.

And presumably there was no one as broken as Lille and Gerard on the Quincy side back then. And Ywach was not yet totally OP.