Info How do I start Role-Playing at One Piece RP?

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Step 1: How do I create my character?
  • Head to the Character Biographies section of the RP to choose your race, join your faction, and make a Biography for your new Character.
  • Before starting to make your Biography choose your faction here, and choose your race here. Make sure you read about them carefully before making your choice.
  • Now head to the Approved Biographies section to make a thread for your new character with the title being the name of your character.
  • There are no approvals for your character. You only need some basic details to get started. (appearance and personality)
  • Detailed information on how to create a character is included in the Character Creation thread.
  • Each player is also entitled to have a companion half of their level. This companion can have any race and can have intellect stats that regular NPCs can't have.
Step 2: How the Stats system work?
  • As soon as you start your RPG experience and start your journey. You will be boosted to level 20 to start you off and start playing. Read more about stats and leveling up here.
  • To level up you have to gain Experience points, to gain Exp players to have to do canon islands, or make their own side non-canon story/fight in Colosseum Section. The story/fight that takes place in the Colosseum section count as non-canon, hence the exp gain will be lower compared to canon missions.
  • Each player will have one special slot for the Colosseum section that can be used to make your character have a different level, have a devil fruit, different race, cursed weapon, etc.
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