General & Others How does Jigen fit into the chronology of the story?

As we know, the Otsutsuki operate in pairs. When Sasuke was in the temple in the other dimension during his investigation, there were 6 plates.

Each pairing appears to be Momoshiki & Kinshiki - Momoshiki's plate was on top of Kinshiki's, Momoshiki was superior
Probably Toneri and Urashiki - Urashiki's plate was on the top and appears to be superior within their relationship - at least based on the filler we've seen. Problematic as it is, all the otsutsuki filler seems to get incorporated into canon (they're the only major pure Otsutsuki's left)

And Kaguya and Jigen, Jigen's plate was placed ABOVE Kaguya (like wtf man)

So i want to know, how do you guys think that Jigen can be superior to Kaguya, when Kaguya was the progenitor of all Chakra? I'm struggling to fit this piece of the puzzle together
In the end, though I dont pay any attention to this series, I prefer Kaguya over everyone else. They seem like The Celestial Dragons of Naruto, but in their own way, IK they dont got the slave thing.


Just read the latest chapter. Interesting info about Ohtsutsuki. Amado planted tentails to make it grow into Chakra Tree and once the tree absorbs enough chakra, it will bear Chakra Fruit and Ohtsutsuki with eating this Chakra Fruit will evolve.

So there are many types of Ten Tails. Interesting.

From the latest chapter it seems like all member of Kara plan to eat Chakra Fruit so they can grow stronger.

Also more hype for Kashin Koji :steef::steef::steef:

I thought Jigen would curbstomp him but looks like Kashin Koji would put up a decent fight before he could finally escape.


๐Š๐จ๐ค๐ฎ๐ญ๐จ ๐’๐ก๐ฎ๐ฌ๐ฎ๐ข
For me Naruto ended with Madara's death. Everything involving Otsutsuki and this useless kid without ambition is nothing someone should call Naruto verse.
Hmm after reading the last chapter would say he looks like inferior to kaguya since she almost killed him or at least it might have been her.
The whole boruto story is kinda confused and did not start that well from my point of view in fact I only started reading the manga from ch 39 maybe because I've seen the movie and all. Now it looks better but somewhere in my head I still thing it's a recycled and diluted version of naruto with kara replacing the akatsuki and all.

My hope is that we will find more stuff about the Hyuga and Uzumaki clan and hopefully some more deep dived in things that we all wanted to know. Also would be nice to know if any clans develop from Isikki as well