Discussion Power How Horikoshi will write Shigaraki's fights?


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How Horikoshi will write Shigaraki's fights?
How he will get around decay?
Because at this point Shigaraki is untouchable and the only way to fight him is close combat but it's too dangerous to do.
Quirk erasing bullets used against him by any chance? What do you think?


Lazy is the way
How he will get around decay?
I am afraid that Hori makes Shiggy not use decay as much as before now that he can have a lot more quirks. It will be a easy way to remove Shiggy insta kill ability.

Long range attacks can still reach Shiggy or speed. Or tag team.

I still think that an erasing quirk bomb can do the trick ^^
I think the best way for horikoshi to deal with decay is for him to give Izuku a quirk that unequivocally counters it.

like perhaps he could give izuku a force field quirk which allows izuku to cover his body with decay-resistant force fields. This would basically force shigaraki to use other quirks against him.


Lazy is the way
I think Deku new abilities are specifically for countering Shiggy, he won't need to directly touch Shiggy with it. I don't remember it name, bt black matter with which he can catch things.
The black whip seems to be a physical thing so Shiggy can maybe decay it like he decayed stress balls from ReDestro

But I agree Deku will indeed have some ways to fight shiggy
We just had Endeavor which is im not sure he will able to defeat Shigaraki. Hawks already low-diffed by Dabi, Best Jeanist isnt there, Mirko already out.

Endeavor - Edgeshot timeup? I dont think so.
Yeah Endeavor cant beat Shigaraki like we'vé seen, he cant even touch him..I have no idea about this team up but the heroes only chance atm against shiggy is Aizawa

Even then he's most likely gonna get his quirk erased