Future Events How mad would you be if Oda ended both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?

What do you think about the idea of Oda finishing both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?

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Would be shit.

If he does that it would mean that he’d have to be cutting back and forth between the two fights every two pages or so. Each time he does that it kills any momentum that the fights have built up, then needs to get started again. It’ll be more of a collection of setpieces than an actual fight. One of the reasons Zoro vs King has been so good so far is because Oda is staying on the one scene and letting it breathe and develop.

Give me two straight chapters of each fighting instead.
Lol who cares.

I'd like them both getting their own chapters, but as long as it's not rushed, it's whatever. It won't add anything new to the table; we know they are Luffy's two biggest pillars of support.

My only gripe would be if Oda does the shit where he switches back and forth like Inu/Neko fight. That sucked. Don't want it- give us good fight.

Though it will draw out some people like Moe screaming "eQuaLs" or whatever.


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What do you think about the idea of Oda finishing both Zoro's and Sanji's fight in the same chapter?
They started the fight in the same chapter and both were highlighted as the stars and the wings of the Pirate King.

Finishing the fight together wouldn't be any worse for any agendas than that.

I don't think it'll happen though, because they are in different locations.
They've both had satisfying and lenghty fights already, a far cry from Jack and the Tobi Roppo lol, so i wouldn't mind it.
I would still prefer if it was separate though, since it would give us more of a chance to get cool double page spreads of the finishing moves.

Sanji D Goat

Normally I won't give a shit, but then I realized that this might be the chance for Oda to redeem himself. Imagine two big ass double spreads with mirror parallels of Zoro beating King and Sanji beating Queen. That would be dope. But I also want Zoro and Sanji to have their own named chapters too. If Oda can creates NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE double spreads for freaking Killer vs Hawkins chapter then I don't see why Oda can't do the same for his two most popular characters in the show. But time will tell.
The only time that would be ok and actually cool(at least for me) is if Oda cuts the pages of a whole chapter in half horizontaly ,drops completely the dialogue and the upper half is one side and the bottom another one..

That way you see both fights at the same time and you don't interrupt them . The no dialogue part is important for immersion .

On the other hand half a page isn't big enough to give oomph for the attacks so it's no bueno.