General & Others How many years will end ?

Bet on 4/5 years, Oda clearly want to end it fast, and its basically the last saga

Think will be something like:
Egghead (15chapters)
-Vegapunk give info on the fruits
-Bonney and Kuma past
-Vegapunk deal with Kuma
-Hint on last Road Poneglyphs
-Start the plot leading to the conflict against Teach(Koby/Caribou plots will lead to that)

Vs.Teach (95chapters)
-SH find the last Road Poneglyph (Elbaf?)
-Caribou give info on Weapons to Teach
-Teach get Pluton (could use it to defeat Shanks?)
-BBP try to capture Robin to get the four Road Poneglyphs (Kuzan plot connect in this part)

Laftel (20chapters)
-SH get there
-FB about the Void Century (kind like Kalgara and Nolland one)

Vs.WG (80 chapters)
-SH and allies invade Marijoa
-Basically a big battle royale of Luffy minions vs Imu minions
-Law undo Imu immortality
-Luffy defeat Imu
-Red Line destroyed, FI moved, Laboon meet Brook, All Blue formed, etc
Wano took 4 years to end. It wasn't rushed, it just went on for too long. It only seems rushed because there were a few plot holes, which will probably be explained gradually in flashbacks.
You misunderstood my point.

I didn't say Wano as a whole as rushed. Wano was built up in a nice way for first two parts.

I said everything post 1010 was rushed, i.e just the ending.
Lots of plot points were sidelined or unanswered or abandoned. The fights (except Luffy vs Kaido) was rushed. Etc
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I'm assuming he thinks 5 years for the final saga.

If he starts answering questions, he might be able to do it. But IMO anyone who isn't a fan favorite character won't get many if any good moments.
Didn't he say 3 years officially?

Even 5 would be rushed, 5 is the bare minimum required IMO. 3 would be a nightmare
One Piece story already maxed out 500 chapters ago so it should have ended years ago. About 90% of content since Punk Hazard was basically filler. 120ish chapters should be more than enough to end the series: final war arc, finding the one piece, backstory, and fishman island.