Questions & Mysteries How will the Zoro/Shanks interaction go down?

well this what i think how it happen.

zoro will get lost when they reach the island, luffy and crew will meet shanks
SHP vs RHP fight or davy back fight without zoro , then SHP will leave to another place away RHP.
here zoro comes and meet shanks .

how zoro will react to shanks .

well shanks and mihawk duels is known in the whole world 🌎 and for swords nerd like ofc he will know
he even knows about the legend of ryuma .

zoro reaction it will be like first meeting of oden and WB

a clash and then they fight strong fight .

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Dude where's my Moria and Perona?
Damn just imagine Shanks and his bro Mihawk are lazing around on an island then they feel 2 powerful foes coming for them and the whole island is shaking and animals running ( like Roger vs WB ) then they see Luffy and Zoro coming ready to fight them, Shanks and Mihawk prepares to fight and they clash. Big explosion with Conqueror's Haki everywhere...
Me reading and picturing this:

Your sig is a big Astakfirullah akhi
Lol, its actually a quote from onepiece, but its not like i believe it..
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Your sig is a big Astakfirullah akhi
basically where gods deem something the devil does its mischief..

kinda an axiom in religions..

even we believe that.. Where Allah helps us the devil tries to avert us from the right path..

but here it just means symbolically that the devil invented spices.. in some tradition..

not necessarily that i believe it.. it just sounds good for the moment
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I don't see Zoro beating Shanks nor reaching him at his Prime, but maybe interaction given Mihawk might have told him, but then again hard to say. We all know only Luffy will surpass his idolize, so Head Piece to say Zoro will be above Prime Shanks when nothing is stated on that when Mihawk never face Prime Shanks, only his younger version.