Hunter X Hunter General Discussion

It is a bit weird since Togashi first should know that with his health and so manga pacing there are very slim chances (actually probably none) he will ever finish HxH (the way he wants, if he rushes he can even end it the next chapter but that is bullshit so no need to talk about it) so he should try at least to wrap up the things while he is still writing the manga he wants to draw.. yet he is still expanding the current arc. Most likely he has his plan for the manga and even if he knows there is no way he will ever finish for good HxH he will keep writing the story he wants to write, with no compromises, until he can.

Actually I want him too to go towards the end of this arc with Hisoka battling the spiders or who knows what and then see this dark continent who was hyped like hell. Also if things go in like this we will never see Gon and Killua in the manga ever again. But on the other the last story with the bromance between Nobunaga and the mafia guy was really good, so despite everything maybe it is better if Togashi keep being Togashi and keeps the quality if the manga. Not that me or anybody else bar him can decide the future of HxH anyway.
I can't imagine Togashi killing Chrollo or Hisoka. Something else will happen imo, something unknown and unforeseeable yet
A nen contract similar to Kurapikas? Tserindich has a full room of the eyes, so maybe there will be some big teaming up, or indirect teaming up as they all fight the evil princes. Then Togashi still needs strong fighters for the Dank continent. So he can't just kill off the ones he spent so much time on developing.

Unless we get a Berserk style continuation.