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I was binging HXH months ago. I was on chimera ant arc,when i realized something.
Unlike HXH,the other manga series on my list are actively ongoing. Thus,by taking a long time reading HXH,i was missing all the fun in socializing by discussing about their new chapters that came out. The purpose of our forum is to socialize by chatting about things we like,so i needed to reevaluate the way i was reading manga. I made the decision to order my list of manga to read according to how excited i am to read each one and wheter they are ongoing or not. I took a break from HXH and went to binge Dandadan. This idea was very effective,as i finished binging Dandadan and Sakamoto Days and joined their discussions.
But getting back to the topic,HXH matches my taste. Unlike OP,the power system is properly explained and the villains are treated with respect. So,HXH is a story i feel like following until the end.
Togashi gave another sign of life. As we all agree that the attitude he should take is to adopt the publication format in which he writes the story for someone else to illustrate,the question is: Will he do it?
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I feel you, @PeperLevi , I also picked up HxH when everyone else was pretty much done with it, and while I quite liked it, it is a little sad that you cannot properly discuss it.
I hope Togashi gets at least to finish the current arc, otherwise it would be such a waste!