I am leaving now

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critical mindset

Kaido sucked hard. I didnt expect him to be a punching bad the second round and get hit by Zoro.

You can DM me on discord if there is anything, I wont be active anymore other than reading weekly chapters

I lost the bet which means account deletion


@SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo ask for moderating priviliges for the Vergo fanclub. I want to check up on your artwork btw :cheers:

Signing out with a

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critical mindset

Good choice mate leaving early, if you couldn't even handle Zoro outmanoeuvring Kaido.

You're gonna need medical attention when He cuts his head off.
It just means I need to downgrade Kaido. I never thought he'd be this bad

It was a pleasure to wank Vergo alongside you.
It was a nice ride and I had fun spreading the gospel. I dont want to blow my horn to much but he was pretty much a forgotten character :few:

Promise to bully these mfers

Loosing you is like loosing harambe :josad: this rollercoaster of emotions overwhelms me
That I am compared to Harambe :blush: :)
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