Current Events I guess he's relevant after all: Post-1058 Anti-Mihawk slander L collection thread

How much higher was Mihawk's bounty (3.59 billion) than your original estimate?

  • Over 2 billion higher than I thought

  • Over 1.5 billion higher than I thought

  • Over 1 billion higher than I thought

  • Over 500 million higher than I thought

  • His bounty was about what I thought it would be

  • His bounty should have been over 4 billion

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Hello Worst Gen

Today is a good day for all those who believed... who ignored the naysayers and blasphemy against our Lord. Today Goda has opened the heavens and shone his holy light upon the truth.... that Mihawk is a top tier, the real fourth emperor and has a very important role to play as the co-commander of Cross Guild.

Though the racists and neo-Nazis of Wano do not appear to know him, it seems the Lord did not deign to grace these degenerates with his presence. He chose, instead, the path of mercy, of leaving the oppressed samurai and marines alone when he became a warlord. Only now, when the World Government chose to kick the hornet's nest has he risen again to bring down his holy wrath upon the nonbelievers.

Hear ye, hear ye. By my title as the Prophet of Godhawk, I am here to dispense yon Ls among those who blasphemed. Behold the most common complaints and slander against the lord, and how Oda has systematically dismantled the headcanons and downplay.

"He'S JuST a SuBoRdiNatE"
Ahhaahahhahaah Now mihawk is now in a yonko but a subordinate HAHAHHAHAHA and his title is removed so shanksfriends….. you know what I mean.

mihawk has a crew now but he is a commander and get orders from buggy mihawk fall the fool mihawk :gokulaugh:Even with a crew he cant become a yonko so buggy most likely saved his ass maybe croco is even above mihawk in the cross guide HAHAHAHAHAHA very bad time to be a admiral or mihawk or zolo fan HAHAHA
they will not accept anything that degrade zoro's main goal, even if the story was already telling us Mihawk is now buggy's bitch.:josad:
The Image is clear, Buggy is in the center, while mihawk got put in the same hierchy of Crocodile, suck to be zoro fan, no ZKK and now his main goal is being tarnish by this new relevelations. :suresure:
You can cope like you want

Buggy being Yonko while Mihawk isn't actually shows you who's treated better by Oda
Oda preferred a clown over Mihawk as subordinate.

Oh Kid, luffy and Shanks don't accept Buggy as Yonko even tho he has Mihawk
They don't respect his strength

Buggy is just like 5th emperor Top tier takes him seriously strength wise.
Only Mihawk accepted Buggy as a strong force
Irrelevant character who did nothing important that contributed to the story but still exists due to his title.

Notice how Roger never mentioned this bums name meanwhile he praised Joyboy in Laugh Tale

Joyboy >>> Ryuma in strength and importance

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So Mihawk didn't do shit? You were saying Mihawk made Buggy Yonko?

Buggy made himself Yonko if he is strong enough to command Mihawk + Crocodile.
at this point ... Mihawk might be a Yonko underling too
Hmm, how strange! How uncommon it is, to have a subordinate with a higher bounty than his "leader"!

"MiHaWk iS iRReLeVaNt"
There was no worldbuilding
We literally don't know 50% of the news and had to watch characters react to them like fucking retards with no information.

The other 50% of the news was Shichibukai system disbandment.
Thought it doesn't really mean much when we barely saw them in the series in the first place.
-What was the point of making buggy a warlord if we never saw him doing anything postTS?
-Weevil? Why does this character exist?
-Boa? She honestly should just return being a slave. Bitch is annoying as fuck (why did she look like a plastic doll this episode?).
-Mihawk. We know nothing will happen to him.

Just pointless plot.
Omg just saw the spoilers. No wonder no hints yet.

Mihawk takes a big L

Expect swordcucks to make 100 cope threads to cancel out their own breaking reality

"ShAnKS iS nOT a SwORdsMaN"
They are also not at all suspicious of why in 20 years, Shanks on all platforms (manga / SBS / databook) has never, never, NEVER been said to be a swordsman even though he has so many chances for Oda or any publisher to declare him as a swordsman
The only thing we have is that: Oda doesn't know how Shanks fights, and Shanks fought against Mihawk 10 years ago
Hmm yes, very unusual. I think there must be a typo in the Film Red promotional material. Someone had better notify Oda's publication team :shocking:

剣の達人 - sword expert/sword master

Not a lot of swordsmanship happening here either. Zoro better not do this when fighting Mihawk, or that's grounds for instant disqualification :kata:

And of course, as we know, it makes total sense to compare Mihawk's and Shanks's swordsmanship when Shanks apparently isn't a swordsman :endthis:

Oda you are drunk. Why are you calling Brook and Law swordsmen??? Hello?? :memehm:

"MiHAwK iS nOT YoNkO LeVeL"
If Oden is YC1, then Mihawk is YC2
It would mean that Shanks can mid diff Mihawk
Vista is good enough to push Mihawk to high difficulty. Fuji is overkill and makes it low diff.
Only someone with poor reading comprehension can read all the wank that Oda has put on Oden and think that The Baboon ringmaster is superior.

By Feats and Portrayal, Oden would mid diff Mihawk and thats being generous. Things could change in the future but you have to actively ignore the lengths Oda has gone through to wank Oden and just make blanket statements like "Muh Black Blade"
No one but biased swordsuckers think Mihawk is stronger than Luffy now
Because death. Like Mihawk, is featless and is barely YC3 most likely
The Strongest Warlord is YC 3 level as shown by Mihawk Vista Rivalry
The Second Strongest Kuma got saved by Veterans
The third Strongest Doffy is shown to be below Jack and Craker again YC3 going by both Kaido and BM words as well as feats
Rest nothing to show above Veteran level
Lmao Mihawk couldn’t handle an upstart Shanks, and Shanks became famous for it and then left Mihawk behind.
Leta-chan stop being retarded, Both Zolo and Mihawk are being confirmed as YC1s just happened in the current manga, it has nothing to do with MF :rolaugh:
Mihawk hasn't fought Shanks in at least 12 years and Shanks became an emperor 6 years ago. Moreover he didn't have Gryphon on Foosha :goyea:

Mihawk is a fraud :kayneshrug:

The shadow fourth emperor begs to differ :myman:

I recall, many years ago now, explaining that Garp NEVER said that the emperors were the strongest pirates. They called me mad... they called me the most biased translator... In the end I suppose it is what it is. :mrgo:

...Eh? The kanji for Mihawk, WB and Kaido's titles are the same? This can't be right. :kailaugh:

Why is this senile old man bringing up random 4fun clashes, in which Shanks was handicapped to make the fight easier for Mihawk? He couldn't use CoC, no kicking, punching or cancelling observation haki. Only sword skills. Fucking dumbass Newgate, how can he call these legendary duels? :kaidowhat:

After so many years of stalemate, the fandom wars are over. Mihawk is the true fourth emperor, making equal strategic decisions with Crocodile, who was granted a bounty based on his cunning, and is not at all interested in becoming a yonko. Seems like the real title no one wants is that of an emperor :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

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shanks fan man they can’t accept oda and his editor out right said big mom and kaido were the two strongest yonko and now this.

Its going to be a funny day when he gets beat by teach

Mihawk hype is marine hype for making him flee