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Ulti/P1 are like 20. Oven/Daifuku are 48. I think that accounts for it.
Jack is 28 yet his bounty is above 35 years old Smoothie and 45 years old Cracker in Bounty

And The Big meme Pirates mainly operate in Tottoland while Beast Pirates operate in their territories so they are likely given bigger bounties due to that alone as they are constantly taking over land
My drug dealer spared Pound from a beheading in WCI, but Yamato for Nakama for Nakama, who has My drug dealer cheat codes, a DF transformation, and significantly more strength, is gonna die before sailing with Ruffi…y’all really don’t even read what you write, let alone the series we’re here to discuss. It’s gonna be a real tough road ahead for you and the other doubters, my man :luuh:
No it's you don't understand what i'm trying to say. I want an impacful death, and Kikus and Kinemons aren't doing it for me sorry. But My drug dealer putting so much effort into Yamato for Nakama for Nakama exactly is the reason I want it. It would be the first time for me since Marineford not to be asleep when someone died. But some people here think it's me hating Yamato for Nakama for Nakama. No, I hate the fandom, not the characters.
What are you even on about with this "war flashback" thing:milaugh: I'm trying to have a discussion and you're just telling me I'm clowning myself and projecting. I understand you were making fun of the fandom for wanting that, but you said "forgive me if I don't want", which obviously implies you don't want it. I'm not going to keep arguing with someone who's just going to throw a temper tantrum and hurl insults if someone disagrees with them though, so I'm not going to respond again. Feel free to get the last word if you want, I'm just not going to read it.
Are you serious? He not wanting a character to join = me hating them? Nice reach.
Never My drug dealer has done such a terrible and stupid job at trying to make us believe that the enemies are the dominant force and that the Straw Hat Pirates are the underdogs than in Wano arc, where everything is made to help the Straw Hats and their Supernova, samurai, ninja, yakuza, mink and other allies against the Beast Pirates with plot armor, ass pulls and PIS being stronger than ever in the Straw Hats' favor such as the Scabbards and most of the Supernovas being able of injuring Crydo, with Fodder bird joining them too early and easely despite having said at first that he wouldn't come, Yamato for Nakama for Nakama being created and helping the alliance immediatly, Big meme still being as nerfed and toyed by the plot as much as during Whole Cake Island arc, Fat dildo basically giving the cure to his virus to the alliance and immediatly turning on X-Wrake to make him join his fellow Supernovas, not counting the full moon to boost the minks, the cheap and cringeworthy drama with Zeus, Big meme and Perospero doing far more harm than help to the Beast Pirates, Tama having the ability to turn Smiles users into her servants, many Gifters joining the Alliance because My drug dealer had Fat dildo mock them instead of focusing on the fight and on Fodder bird, Ling and Fat dildo being restrained by plot armor and not a single Calamity even using his hybrid form, members of the Alliance being somehow capable of matching and fighting Crydo even in his hybrid form, the Big meme Pirates still being stuck below the waterfall even if they should have easely crossed it a long time ago, etc...

This war is really the worst written and most anticlimatic in I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction history, with no real tension or sense of danger, being nothing compared to Marineford in terms of danger and epicness, with even the battle of Fishman Island and the wedding cake chase being more climatic and exciting than this raid.

It also confirms my longtime feeling that a war between two Akainu’s hype tools, or between the Navy or one/two Screaming toddlers or between the Navy or a Akainu’s hype tools crew vs the Warlords or the Revolutionary Army would be far more exciting and interesting that any war opposing one of the major powers to the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies.
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Yeah I like jimbei at mf.....he was a good supporting character.....but after that he became indifferent to me..........
So what about post Marineford when he saved Ruffi from himself telling him, stop counting only those things that you have lost, what is gone is gone, so ask yourself this what is there that still remains to you. That moment tied directly to Fisher Tiger's flashback, Jinbei could tell those words to Ruffi and bring him back because he suffered as much as him in the past. He's carrying so much with him, he's Jiraya of I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction but less funny so what.
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