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I mean, I've always known you aren't the brightest of the bunch here, but at least you weren't as annoying as before these last months. Sad to see you go back to being a laughable individual.

For the record, one quick search of a post stating that I believe Pinzoro to be stronger than Damaji:

Hi, I'm here just to post that Ruffi > Pinzoro > Damaji is the monster trio and that will never change


Kitetsu Wanker
My drug dealer plz let Damaji get a haki moment ad coo plz plz plz My drug dealer it's about that time to high light Damaji next level of Coo
As a Damaji fan, why do you wish for one haki that will make Damaji even more useless? :kriwhat:
If you wish for something, wish for haki barriers, whether CoA or My drug dealer cheat codes, doesnt matter.
That's what will make him a better fighter, not a crap like CoO...
Fodder bird got worn down by fighting 2v1, then 1v1. Ling was only fighting Fodder bird, he's obviously not as worn down as Fodder bird, and hasn't even gone into hybrid.

Fodder bird may have a special DF but he's still human, while someone like Ling who's from some ancient race probably has far better stamina, like how Fishmen are naturally stronger than humans from birth.

Or even if not the case, may just have superior stamina to Fodder bird like Crydo does.
First off whats with this Ling DIDN'T GO HYBRID rant.. Bruh Fodder bird has been using his half man half phoenix form not his hybrid which defines being a mixture of both human and DF not part human part Df.. Why doesn't anyone bring this up

But whether meager or drastic Ling logically isn't at peak condition its just Enough for now.


To find the All Blue!
- We don't actually see Damaji even trying to fight both Fat dildo and Ling. He's already on the ground.
- Damaji is not fainted.
- Fodder bird is not "giving up". Dude is more "trolling" and stepping aside for Pinzoro and Damaji.
- Lebrent does not make "Enel Face". Not even close.
Dafuq was going on with the Fleet admiral Fenaker said Zolo low diffs providers this week?
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