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....I'm literally tell you growth is warranted by plot and "powerscaling" does not work the way you think it does. That's somehow headcanon on my end? Giving you legit examples of where powerscaling is nonexistent and is deemed by the plot? I gave you like 10 examples from the series where yes, clearly Ruffi won because of plot. Lmao what nonsense are you even spouting right now?

I didn't fall victim to shit. The transitions were still off and I repeatedly mentioned that if 1022 addressed it, it made sense that the F6 were down. Now here we are. None of my arguments were about expecting WsW or Sasaki to be stronger
And I countered them. It's quite simple, you are just failing to understand. The fact that Ruffi won again those characters by nerfs and boosts means in powerscaling, Ruffi wouldn't be above those characters.

You expected them to not be defeated so take that nonsense elsewhere. Don't go blaming narrative and plot for your faulty powerscaling
Ling can't push a tired Fodder bird, his attack completely stopped by Fodder bird, Fodder bird didn't even move 1 cm. Fodder bird also choked both Ling and Fat dildo while sending Pinzoro 100 meters above with his legs, Fodder bird's physicality > Ling.
Thanks man
Interesting... So this Is Hawkins last life. I Guess the fight will finish with the arm amputation then...
actually hawkins's victims die when someone actually destroy the dolls. we always saw his dolls being taking out after one slash/wound so i thought that you just need to touch them once but i guess hawkins DF is way more OP if you actually need to kill the people. If his dolls can tank well so by default hawkins can tank well as long the people don't die.
If hawkins has Crydo's doll, he can tank anything :nicagesmile:
Nice ignoring Ruffi dodging Posthawk's attacks without basic CoO.

What made you think Sengoku's punch could kill Ruffi when Film red hype tool's kick couldn't kill Ruffi?
Both are inconsistent knowing how powerful the Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys are. Crydo negged and made a Ruffi unconscious who was absurdly more powerful and durable than Marineford Ruffi.

> What made you think Worse Mentally ill Ace could when Worse Mentally ill Ace stated that a fight between smoke and fire would be useless?
Set aside the devil fruit. Worse Mentally ill Ace literally had haki which Smoker didn't, lol. He could've negged him.
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Pinzoro > Ruffi by feats and general portrayal for now judging off the latest story arcs Wano included. All those arrows are unwarranted however.
Yes they are warranted because you said Pinzoro can beat Crydo while Ruffi needs another power up to (possibly) be in the same ballpark

So in your opinion Pinzoro >>>>>>>>>>>>>Ruffi
Which is beyond ridiculous and really a little embarrassing thing to say

by the way by feats

Red Snitch >Posthawk
Red Snitch clashed equally with the world strongest man , stopped a magma fist
While Posthawk got stopped by the 3rd yc and stalled by a 4th yc

And by portrayal Posthawk was portrayed to be on the same level of yc
While Red Snitch have a portrayal to put him on the world strongest man level

So would you agree that Red Snitch >>>>>Posthawk by feats and portrayal????

Obviously that’s not the only examples I could came up with but I just wanted you to sweat a bit 😜

Ruffi in base fought equally with hybrid Crydo
Again Ruffi in BASE fought against Crydo in his strongest form , that’s a bigger feat than Pinzoro’s whole existence
Actually if you looked back at that clash Ruffi had the upper hand more than Crydo

Read this sentence carefully
base Ruffi had the advantage over hybrid Crydo

By portrayal????
what are you talking about?
Ruffi is back to face Crydo the big boss
While Pinzoro is back to face the henchman

Pinzoro’s portrayal is a henchman
Even Blackbeard’s bitch and Deadass Ginger are fighting a Akainu’s hype tools

while Pinzoro is fighting Ling

Deadass Ginger Blackbeard’s bitch >>>>>> Pinzoro by portrayal

Ruffi is in a complete different league
Don’t ever compare Pinzoro with him

By feats and portrayal base Ruffi would trash Pinzoro
I guess Ruffi is retarded because he literally said the only thing special about Latakuri is Future Sight.
Ruffi thought he was "invincible". That's what happens when you have no tools to deal with Future Sight.

What's special about Ling? His gimp suit?

You said Ling couldn’t overpower a kick from base Damaji when we literally saw him overpower a kick from Raid Suit Damaji.

You can’t say something false and then expect to not get corrected on it.
???? He didn't USE his Raid Suit. That's like saying Pinzoro kicking Dellinger in the ass, is him using his swords because he had a sword in hand.
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