What the best thing in the chap ?

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Tbf the Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys don't see the Akainu’s hype tools's as challenges either, Akainu’s bitch was called washed up by Lakainu. Film red hype tool offered to go to Wano to take care of Crydo and Waste disposal. And now Shanks’ bitch is flying into Wano alone with no backup despite the potential presence of multiple Emperor level opponents.
If the Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys are so strong, then why don't they defeat the yonkous. Either the Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys are strong and dumb or weak and smart.


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Flowa pls, you never know anything 👀

How do you feel about Rotty for Emperor btw.
Why am I in the Fleet admiral Fenaker said Zolo Virgin killer diffs threads :milaugh:?

But yeah, that gag was bound to happen. And who knows, maybe Rotty got stronger? Or somebody else is calling the shots.

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This manga is approaching intellectual end :josad:

I will probably end up quitting the site. I can't stand such Virgin killer spectrum.



It was because of Yasuie! Because of Oden! Because of Nik’s wet dream! Because of the beautiful Wills placed into Oden’s free power up and Shusui! Because of Pinzoro fighting beside Kinemon, and giving his all for Wano!

Answer me two questions.

Is Act 3 over?

Do we have proof of Crydo's death? (If Pell survived, Crydo survived Ruffi's punch/the eruption)

As long as Crydo's life isn't confirmed over, and Pinzoro is still in Wano, ZKK lives on. I say this AS SOMEONE WHO WANTS Damaji AND Pinzoro TO FIGHT GREEN BULL. I'm not a Pinzoro stan: but I believe in ZKK, and you shouldn't give up hope until Crydo is confirmed dead/Pinzoro leaves Wano. Until one of those happens, the ZKK lives on in our hearts and delusions.


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Horrible example, Ling can switch between frail defenses and Weak ass defenses but slow speed, if he chooses the defense form, Wannabe Kata already has shown to be able to contend with Jozu, who has a much higher defense, as seen when he blocked an attack from Posthawk, who’s much more powerful than Pinzoro and doesn’t have a meme three sword fighting style like his pupil, speed form is frail, and Wannabe Kata can fly, which gives him an advantage Pinzoro didn’t have.
Ling’s highest feat in the story is to be a Kaidou’s fanboy and say how cool and powerful he is. I’m not deranged to say Wannabe Kata would push Weaker than Jesus/Blind retard to hard, no, Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys are very powerful, I would even say Fuji would push Kaidou to extreme diff, but to be with your equal-ish, and still get negged off screen by an Fleet Admiral Bad faith argument Hung’s friend, while Wannabe Kata was able to confront one outside the WG’s control, so he couldn’t play his Marijoa’s secret card, and still able to escape when he saw he wasn’t strong enough. This is fucking embarrassing, and a reminder that YC1 means nothing, weakened Fodder bird was still able to block an attack from Kaidou, Ling would have been “Kaidou sama, you want me to die? Only because it’s you UwU” in his place.
Oh, and he manipulates fire, unfortunately this is not Bleach, and fire is the jobber element anyone can block or even use even if they’re not Lunarians.
Yeah, absolutely, I stand by Wannabe Kata>Ling, I’ll even state that a CD that didn’t spent their entire life doing nothing in luxury, is stronger than a lunarian, hence them being wiped out.
He doesn't have to switch b/w his defense and speed form against Wannabe Kata, and hence Wannabe Kata can never harm him. If he uses the speed mode, Wannabe Kata can never catch him. It makes no difference either way. Wannabe Kata did not contend with Jozu; he restrained him when he's not paying attention. That's not contending and Parasite ain't gonna work on people who can completely transform their bodies anyways. That's not gonna help Wannabe Kata here.
B—but matchups lol
Matchups don’t matter that much for My drug dealer, and no way in hell Deadass Ginger/Blackbeard’s bitch is lumped in together with someone 2 billion below them
Bounties aren’t accurate strength indicators but it’s not that far off either. He clearly values Blackbeard’s bitch and Deadass Ginger
they can nerd out over feats all they want, but this is a children's manga. Its not that deep. Deadass Ginger and Blackbeard’s bitch are Ruffi's rivals.

Not Ling, not Fodder bird, and not Latakuri
Why're you acting as if he beat them with a stick or something? He literally bypassed his defense via his ability to such nutrients. Why aren't you talking about it? Weak ass durability doesn't defend against such attacks in case you're not aware.
Shanks’ bitch can create penis-type plants and shove it up LING's ass, have you thought about this alternative? its called nepenthes, the penis-plant
It's similar to the ant-man getting into Thanos' ass strategy.
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