What the best thing in the chap ?

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@Monkey D Theories ask yourself if My drug dealer didn’t care about feats why would he add so many shinanigans in Blackbeard’s bitch and Midd vs Big meme fight

what he is showing is that hype and shit like bounties he don’t give a shit about hence why Blackbeard’s bitch Deadass Ginger Ruffi have Same bounties Rotty is new Akainu’s hype tools

My drug dealer is giving hard I’m stupid that on panel feats are only thing that matter is power scaling

Big meme did not use My drug dealer cheat codes either because if she did My drug dealer could have simply shown us Blackbeard’s bitch Deadass Ginger dealing with it on panel why hide it?
Why're you acting as if he beat them with a stick or something? He literally bypassed his defense via his ability to such nutrients. Why aren't you talking about it? High durability doesn't defend against such attacks in case you're not aware.
Cry more

Someone with plant powers trashed Ling with his so called top tier flamed and dura
Ling did worse than merely, dr Blackbeard’s bitch did vs top tiers despite having Fat dildo with him

:kayneshrug:while My drug dealer kept reinforcing that yu need top tier speed and fs to handle fs users effectively

With lunarian abilities, even g2 AP is enough
But I never advocated for "Damaji vs Akainu’s hype tools" in my life, nor I ever thought it was a thing.
Damaji vs Fleet Admiral Bad faith argument Hung’s friend, on the other hand....
Not the same thing.
Well. Your fellow fans did. And they downplayed Deadass Ginger and Blackbeard’s bitch. But now we see that what Deadass Ginger and Blackbeard’s bitch did is amazing. Even in a 2 v 1 top tiers still have the upper hand so Deadass Ginger and Blackbeard’s bitch are officially GC+ individually.
And you exactly downplay him because it fits your agenda. You don't care for Katakurim you would certainly put him below Ling if he was the one getting trashed.
Problem is that I've been saying Latakuri > Ling for months now, you're just now saying Ling Super hard diffs Latakuri because it fits your Fleet Admiral Bad faith argument Hung’s friend agenda
hes stronger where and how?

Mammas boy keep up with Ruffi , can see the future and has My drug dealer cheat codes.... also similar to kings CoA... he would instanlty know how hes powers work and destroy him...

The function of his hax is not a weakness, he is the one who decides when to activate or deactivate the flame.
Ling base is equal to Fodder bird in speed who is faster than FS, speed>shit FS overrated.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Shanks’ bitch can create penis-type plants and shove it up LING's ass, have you thought about this alternative? its called nepenthes, the penis-plant
It's similar to the ant-man getting into Thanos' ass strategy.
My guy, if you're so triggered by my posts, then don't bother reading them. If you disagree with me and if you think you have enough brain cells to write a few lines of coherent counter-argument, then write a proper response. These Beetle Juice-level responses don't make you look cool if that's what you're trying to achieve.
I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen
None of their attacks seemed to be working, Crydo was able to heal from anything the supernova(Pinzoro included) did.

You said it was just Deadass Ginger projecting, even though we literally see Crydo looking unscathed the next page
Yeah Crydo took one of zoros weakest attack tho
Next Pinzoro blocked hakai
Then Crydo got scarred
Working part also don’t matter

Pinzoro alone did more damage even before ashura than 9 scabbards combined

hiryu Kaen literally made Big meme shit her pants as well
Hiryu Kaen is at least comparable to puncture ville imo if not stronger


Red Snitch is not a Swordsmaster (does not include shanks)
Lmao. Creditless. Wannabe Kata's a weak ass bitch. Fat dildo is enough for him.
cant wait to see Doffa having plot revelance in the future and Ling being no diffed by Fleet Admiral Bad faith argument Hung’s friend... dofla is supperior to the likes of foders like Ling and Fat dildo
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