What the best thing in the chap ?

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Tbf all the Major Bad faith argument Hung’s Boys/marines can use swords even someone like Senile shitter

Tho If ryokugyu created his own black blade and has a top tier fruit kinda insane
I wonder if hes a pure Swordsmaster (does not include shanks) or not🤔
The strongest sword users usually channel their strongest moves through their swords, be it haki or DF powers.
We have another supreme grade sword revelaed to us boys.

Imagine him spliting skies and earth at the same time. this mf is like controls earth. he can have the epithet of White Bitch of someone who can destroy the world.

do flamingo did said he is the true beasts in terms of power.

this guy saved wano.

now i badly want a Crydo vs greenbul
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