Is Posthawk more powerful than Red Snitch?

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Firstly ,

Pinzoro retards fallen in terms of bounty but eating good for Posthawk .

And im very sure anymore . Where Pinzoro finished bounty , Damaji will be close anytime :))

And last thing ,

Jimbeo and Sandbag bounty is kinda joke ? Totally bullshit bounty ever
Well, first,stop crying cause Pinzoro fans are up and Damaji bounty is good only as a henchman for Big meme.
Second,my little Damaji dickriding autist,jimbe has always been dangerous and strong,plus he has the weight of the whole fishman race on him,plus now he's part of a rising Akainu’s hype tools crew. Maybe stop being butthurt.

Croco started off as an extremely promising rookie and even got to the point of fighting Akainu’s bitch,+more importantly croco got brains and schemes,anyone in their right minds would give him at least 1.5b the moment he allied with Posthawk.

If youre gonna be a Butthurt bitch do it at home,not on a post were everyone is enjoying the Daddy Spoiler mafia please


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Tf did Rotty and Sandbag do to get these absurd bounties except lose to Ruffi pre ts????? Atleast Hawkeye has couple of shit going for him; stronger than Red Snitch, black blade, marine hunting e.t.c.
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