I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction Episode 1020 - Damaji's Scream! An SOS Echoes Over the Island

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I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction EPISODE 1020
"Damaji's Scream! An SOS Echoes Over the Island"

Damaji Zekkyō! Shima-jū ni Hibiku Esu-Ō-Esu

Opening 24 | PAINT - I Don't Like Mondays.
Chapter(s) : -

Screenplay | 中山智博 - Tomohiro Nakayama
Art | 陳烔年 - Tongnian Chen
Animation | 久田和也 - Kazuya Hisada
Direction | 嶋谷将 - Tasuku Shimaya
Storyboard | ___
Airdate: June 4, 2022

Episode 1021 PREVIEW

OP 24 - TV Size
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Who's going to bump the threads with Fodder bird vs Ling and Fat dildo and the whole Island? :suresure:
Base Ling, no ryuo, none of his strongest moves beat all out hybrid Fodder bird. Exactly how it was portrayed in the manga! Only Ling could keep all of his strongest moves a secret, beat Fodder bird and still have people say that Fodder bird is above prime Ling. :Ling:
Toei is giving their best to make that scene the most annoying possible by stretching it out and making filler scenes

Jesus, they even stretched it out to the next episode when they could've finished it now already, the manga was simply straight to the point

Atleast they included Damaji and Fan service's flashbacks, that was on point
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