I prefer Naruto as the superior fiction Episode 986 - Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Ruffi!

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Blother Fertitta

Seriously, this episode looked weird as hell, the animation at some moments was good and then weird, then good and weird at the same time, the pacing was awkward too
Deadass Ginger should basicly blitz Apoo, and not prepare an attack for 1 whole hour and chase him in slow motion
Yeh episode was definitely weird in pacin
  • That guy whose face looks like a compressed soda can should consider himself Ruffi has the Hulk disease and is incapable of killing anyone.

  • Never get tired of Apoo rapping his dialogue. The man is too underappreciated.

  • Pinzoro flexed with his swords and it send a shockwave outside Onigashima:noo:

  • Warning: Kaidos in flashback are not as big as they appear.
  • Deadass Ginger could ask you for a cup of sugar and he would still wear that sinister smile on his face to make everything awkward.:suresure:

  • Apoo's attacks hit particularly nasty in the anime. There is no line of sight and the impact happens almost immediately.
  • This is your future Pirate Ling and Weaker than shanks? :pepapoo:Both completely useless before the BOOM CHIKA SCRATCH

  • An entire minute of Deadass Ginger building up his attack makes me feel somebody should have done something. Looked fantastic though.

  • I'm sorry Apoo, but that big metal pimp hand was a long time coming.
A really nice treat of an episode. So much action in this one and practically everything from Ruffi and Pinzoro owning Ha0 is a window licker, Apoo's DJing and attacks, ending with Deadass Ginger's ass clapping all looked amazing. The magnetic lightning from Deadass Ginger's power and the environment getting ripped up was easily the highlight.

The OST I wasn't so hot on. Silence doesn't work too well in fight scenes and Apoo's choices were not befitting on a war starting. Hopefully that now Apoo's table got destroyed we get some proper battle music.

The filler/padding was a mixed bag. I loved seeing the Tobiroppo's individual locations when Fat dildo mentioned them but halting the pace of the episode with entire minutes of Crydo scenes with Deadass Ginger was unnecessary and should have been trimmed down. A strong start to the raid otherwise and next episode is looking hot too.
Yeah I don't know, the animation, the build up is top-notch, but in the manga Deadass Ginger basically sneak-blizts Apoo. Here in anime they just stand there starring at eachother for like 5 minutes, and the actual punch feels....slow.
The build up with Midd form his arm is INSANELY COOL but the actual attack itself was kind of just whelming. The build up had this really impressive sense of scale to it that was sort of lost in the actual attack aside from a few cool cuts.