General & Others I think Sanji has the coolest fighting style in One Piece who do yall think has the coolest fighting style?

Sanji do ts is a wonderful character. Was my number 2 dude in the series. But the idiot Loda made a ts post of the fucking clown Lanji out of him. Not giving him fights and shaming him at every turn. But it's still better than a container for Nicky and Joy boy Nufi, who died in Vano. Right now, the only ones I like from mugiwara are Zoro and Jimbei, whom Loda has not yet turned into fucking clowns in this movie.
Coreography in one piece is trash, just dudes spamming special attacks at eachother.
HOWEVER, Sanji breaks the mold a little bit, but it's still trash compared to other anime/manga.
Lucci top 1 for sure. Swordsmen in general would be my top 2. As for my top 3... probably Aramaki since I love plant Elements lol
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I think Kizaru's specific approach to kick-based combat, making them stronger with his fruit and/or pulling out the ricochet maneuvers to get close before anyone can even recognise he's after them is really cool, and the laser beams are also fine, but whenever he gets the sword out it weirdly just doesn't hit right for me. Otherwise he'd definitely be my answer but when factoring that in I'm not quite sure.