Questions & Mysteries If Drake is really the 1% percent man who will put him in critical condition


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I don't think it's necessary for Drake to be in critical condition for the prediction to be fulfilled. He just has to be in a situation which makes it unlikely he survives. That may have been Queen, Who's Who, and Hawkins ambushing him, or it has yet to occur. Presently, he's facing off against CP0, who are assassins for the Government, and have an interest in eliminating him now that he knows too much.
In the manga seems like a important plot, but in the anime looked much more like one of those Hawkins bullshit previsions.

And the 1% chance of surving dont mean he will get to 1% HP, just that in 100 scenarios, in 99 of them he die, but in the one he survive he dont need to be in a "critical condition". its One Piece not pokemon ahahah
Now i wanna play old classic pokemon again


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Drake got some hype with Yamato recently and also the CP0 but I still believe he performed the worst amongst the Novae present on Wano so far.
I am sure he will survive. CP0 will report him as dead to marines .

Hawkins prediction is setup to fail.
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Hawkins trash cards also told him he could beat Killer lol
In the end its prediction . He cant see future and drake could beat the odds.

He is also important member of Sword unit so i cant see him dying unless Akainu decides to magma fist him and the likely chances him getting killed to cp0 is less.