General & Others If Luffy were to die in Wano, which Strawhat would you prefer become the MC?


  • Zoro

    Votes: 44 46.3%
  • Nami

    Votes: 4 4.2%
  • Usopp

    Votes: 17 17.9%
  • Sanji

    Votes: 18 18.9%
  • Chopper

    Votes: 3 3.2%
  • Robin

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • Franky

    Votes: 4 4.2%
  • Brook

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Jinbe

    Votes: 4 4.2%

  • Total voters
The natural and only possible choice (if there is any at all) is Zoro. Otherwise you will have to force things too much (from making Zoro follow Sanji as his captain and making somewhat him stronger than Zoro to having Chopper or Usopp round up the whole crew powerwise and as a leader and taking the lead position.
None of the Strawhats are capable of carrying this Series. Luffy to GOAT.
Only way it could happen is if these supposed Main Cast of characters had some major character development shifts.
Nobody thought Simon could do it, until it happened. imo (Guren Laggan.)
Zoro goals was to make Luffy PK and become WSS. Without Luffy Zoro probaly follow Mihawk path as a loner. He will confront swordmen or even go challenge Mihawk directly. Sanji will be fools of Nami. Usop, Nami and Chopper will be too afraid to go dangerous places. Brooks has led his previous crew before, Franky not strong enough to take lead in a fight. Apart from Zoro and Brooks, all others crew has a dream which they need to reach the end of Grandline. If Zoro doesn't leave and carrying Luffy will first the he should be the one. If Zoro leave Sanji will take helm


Only Jinbei is suitable.

He is not only as brave and loyal as Zoro and Sanji, he also has knowledge of the sea due to his experience. He's also a seasoned veteran and has experience leading a crew like Sun Pirates after Fisher Tiger death and by feats against top tiers like Akainu and Big Mom, Jinbei is better by most SH by a large margin.
sanji always has been the “protect my friends” type of character so he would fit well with the other shonen mcs he’s the vice captain so it only makes sense he takes the title

zoro would probably leave and go on his own to accomplish his dream he’s a very cold and strict character so it’s best for these type of characters to go solo he wanted to make luffy the pirate king no one else there’s no reason to stay

nami is lacking in charisma and power, she’s smart but it’s not like she eclipses other straw hats in term of intelligence and being the 2nd weakest she doesn’t have what’s enough to be an mc

ussop i don’t want to talk about him i would rather read a story made by 5 year old then read a story of ussops adventure
if they do then thats dishonest.
not every Straw Hat can be used as a MC.
Look at the amount of people saying Usopp. Yet hed be a horrible MC.
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Anyways my suprise is Sanji. Hes easily the most versatile SH. Can easily convey a range of emotions such as: badass, vulnerability, kindness, stubborn, harderned, intelligent, outgoing, comedic. Coming off as more humane and relatable...To top it all off, he has a unique look and unique fighting style. No weapons or DFs.

If Sanji was MC, hed also get MC deserving fights. Meaning no more shitty fights. And if Oda toned down the perversion.....we easily have the most solid character in OP.
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