General & Others If One piece adding up a romance, what couple do you want to see?

Luffy x Nami, Vivi, Hancock, Shirahoshi, Rebecca and Uta

Zoro x Perona, Bonney, Reiju, Hiyori, Yamato and Vegapunk 02

Sanji x Pudding

Franky x Robin

Chopper x Carrot

Usopp x Kaya

Smoker x Tashigi

Hatchan x Camie

Buggy x Alvida

Mr. 5 x Miss Valentine
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Luffy X harem(Nami, Boa, Vivi etc....)
Zoro X Harem(tashigi, perona )
Ussop X Kaya(pretty much canon)
Robin fits with both Zoro and Luffy I guess.
Sanji and Pudding(still seems super forced to me), Edit: Viola was probably the best one for sanji's crying ass.
Don't see any other in SHs.
Usopp and Kaya r basically a lock tbh

Been official since early (and they're nice together so I wouldn't change anything)

Luffy X Marguerite (crazy ik but something about the way she stood up for Luffy in Amazon Lily made her stand out for me)

Zoro X Perona (Mihawk is a little old for her but Zoro and Perona are close in age and spent more time together than the strawhats lol)

Nami X idk (her and Luffy really feel like siblings tbh)

Sanji X Pudding or Viola (both great candidates but I can't choose between the 2)

Franky X Robin nothin more to be said

Dunno about the rest
LuffyxNami would be a very abusive relationship. Luffy would be on the receiving end of repeated beatings. I doubt she could deal with his recklessness for too long. :pepestop: