Questions & Mysteries If someone save Germa what happen to Kat top tier future sight?

Like how he couldn't see that coming? Don't tell me germa goin make him so frustrated he can't focus lol
Think you're misunderstanding it fam.
Right now he is in attack mode, his attacks carry more precision then others due to FS but they can still dodge it because even if he sees the future, his attack (body, first) still needs to move towards the target to hit it.

Now, dodging it a whole other story, he can do that instantly and nobody can touch him exepct FS users:kata:

Edit: Wait a sec, you mean if someone else comes... hmm I see
If someone is gonna save him he should have seen that if he used FS, and I don't see why he wouldn't use it
I hope kata gets beaten lmao so the narrative that kata is some top yonko 1 commander gets shattered seeing people already assume he’s winning is annoying
I agree lol but I don't blame them em after he beat ichiji easily it be shocking to see him struggle with the others and he got his brother with him lmao
Unpopular opinion but I don't think a YC1 can beat 5 Vinsmokes.

Even with Oven, he's only there to sneak attacks, they always got the better on him when fought in 1v1.