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If you guys in Light yagami position how would you beat L would kill L the same way Kira did or will you give up or would you have different plan give me your thought ideas and btw you don't know L name xd you exactly as Kira position
Im too dumb honestly dont know. I probably would trade half my lifespan or whatever price was for the Shinigami eyes. Then find out his name and kill the mofo.


Worst Generation
L was smarter than Light honestly. Light had all the cheat code in the world, yet L managed to overcome majority of them only failing short at the end(and eventhen ended up knowing). The author of the serie had great inspiration. Would take some great ingeniosity to manage to draw out L
Light responded to L's provocation with Lind L.Taylor, he also spied on the police to get closer to L.

Me, (if I have the guts to be a mass murderer :feelsokeman:) I will just ignore L from the start.

He'll end up as a criminal, alone and isolated when I conquer the world. Like Mello.
I will kill bad guys from my sofa like a long range Dexter

I will hear the news on TV and if I hear that someone take hostages in a school write his name and done etc

Or take the list of old Nazi who are still alive and play bingo with their names

But Kira was stupid to not sacrifice half of his life to conquer the world
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