Future Events If Zoro beats Mihawk in a fight, doesn't that mean he was the WSS before the fight not after the fight?


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It's crystal clear how it works overall.

Zoro's VC will probably be updated after he will have defeated the Grandgrandmaster Drakule. :cheers:
If Zoro fights Mihawk and wins with a high or extreme diff, doesn't mean that Zoro was already stronger than Mihawk and was the WSS before the fight. The only way I can see Zoro being the wss after the fight is if he gets a power-up during the fight to defeat Mihawk
In theory yes its true but then we have to remember its not real but fictional world where an author has ability to tell you something.
Essentially if an author is telling you Mihawk is strongest swordsman, said swordsman gets benefit of the doubt unless another swordsman for example Big Mom beats him.
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You can argue what a swordsman is to you. For its anyone in One Piece history whose ever swung a sword even once in their lives

So that would include Roger Rayleigh Shiki Big Mom Mihawk


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Isn't this the point of Zoro's goal to beat Mihawk to solidify his position as new WSS?
This is a shounen. Just look at Luffy vs Kata, at the start of the fight Kata was toying with him bit then he learns FS midfight and the situation turns. Luffy with Kaido learned adv coc midfight. Basically this is Goku turning ssj vs Frieza mid fight all over again. So we can not really say until we see the fight.


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Mihawk needs to die,Would be lame if he lives,mf trained zoro to take his own head
Well Zoro will probably spare his life unless Mihawk will ask him to be killed then I don't know how Zoro would react to such a staggering demand. If not, I doubt Shiryu will kill Mihawk as I don't see any interlinking between the two. Of course only atm.