Questions & Mysteries If Zoro fights Mihawk who will Luffy and Sanji fight?

Sanji Vs Crocodile would only make sense if it was an entire arc about Cross Guild vs Sh and if Luffy vs Buggy in a serious fight happened, I doubt either case would happen.
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Is it really that hard to picture Crocodile as "YC1" tier ala King/Kata/Lucci? Or whatever tier Law/Sabo is.
1. Croc being boosted from Arabasta level to "YC1 / YC1+" level will only mean poor writing.

Coby is the protag's buddy, so his rapid development makes sense.
Lucci gets to reach his current level because he's a prodigy.
Both are young too.

Croc on the other hand, is both on enemy side and isn't young/prodigy.

2. Suppose Croc's base powerlevel isn't "YC1/YC1+" tier, but his threat comes from his DF + Awakening.

What the fuck will sands do to Sanji? It isn't offensive enough to bypass Exo, it isn't even fast enough to evade Sanji's speed.

So, Oda's only justification to make Croc a threat for Sanji is to make use of his Logia Awakening (probably that moisture sucking related) as the offensive, and his Logia body as the defensive (requiring Sanji to unlock FS).


Or, just view it from the shounen demographic, or casual fans, no need to think much. Do you feel that Croc can ever be a threat, with how impressive New World's combatant is? Even Kata is a better fight for Sanji.
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What does Sandi do for you to rate him high?
For me it isn't about Sanji being (actually) high or whatever, it's Croc who is just that low.
I don’t think Mihawk actually gets a fight with Zoro in the race to Laughtale arc where the emperors will fight each other for the OP. Rather I think Zoro fights Shiryu and defeats him then after Luffy is declared King of the pirates and the war against the world government happens

It’ll then be revealed that Mihawk is actually a celestial dragon and is from the Nerona family and was trained to fight with the sword by Nasujuro and Garling but left Mareijois to fight strong swordsmen and now is returning to the CD to get a chance to fight Zoro in the final war

So he kills Garling and becomes the new commander of the God Knights
Pretty clear Zoro can just have more fights than Sanji, only Zoro and Luffy are guaranteed a big one v. one fight every arc now. Judging by Egghead, Sanji will be lucky to get a clash or get eye-diffed every arc.

Zoro is going to another fight in Egghead already (he fought S-Hawk mostly off-sceen, Lucci, and next up Ethan).

When we know luffy’s opponent is more or less pretty easy to guess zoro and sanji’s but that isn’t really the case in this scenario

Assuming zoro and mihawk really do end up fighting each other who do you think luffy and sanji will be facing?
Sanji Will fight mr 1 because is the third strongest

zoro will fight crocodile because is the next lucci

Luffy will fight Mihawk to make readers furious
Sanji will be fighting the mihawk seraphim, should be a mid-high diff fight.

Luffy will probably be soloing the god’s knights and making a change in the world.
The problem with their fight is that Oda often force the enemies and the battle itself to balance each other.

Since Mihawk's fight is gonna be thrilling & exciting, Oda will make Sanji vs Crocodile to be quick & boring.