Le Fishe Thread Im sorry Zoro fans

So i was told this forum was full of lame ass disgusting Sanji haters and Zorotards

And while that isn't complete a lie, it isn't as bad as i was thinking... Some of you are even nice people

So im sorry for talking so much trash about Zoro, i will restrain myself from doing it like i have been doing... In fact i never hated Zoro, i hated the Sanji haters, who are Zorotards for the most part...

Still, i if have to pick between Zoro and Sanji, i will always favor Sanji. And i will still hunt down the Sanji haters so don't get too comfortable...



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So if you came here just to hate on zoro to piss off Zoro fans then how are you different from those whom you think are Zoro tards or sanji haters??

Anyway welcome on-board. :cheers:
We have the best and worst of both worlds.
There's only a minority of "tards" be it zoro or sanji, mihawk or shanks, admirals or yonko. Most of the guys here are too old to be tards. Trolls yes, but tards? Nah.
Welcome aboard.