Character Discussion IMU’s Origin

I found IMU’s origin. In Chinese Mythology there is a Water Goddess, called Shuimu. Shui in Chinese means Water and Mu means Mother, so her name is Water Mother. This is for sure IMU, as Vegapunk calls the one in opposition to the DF, HAHA UMI or Mother Sea:

The combined straw hat bounty can also be read as a pun HaHa IMU, or Mother IMU.

In myth Shuimu causes major floods and sink cities, this aligns well with all the sunken cities in One Piece, and the references to the Noah. Shuimu also fought the Lord of the Skies (Dragon?) and Monkey King (Luffy).

When fighting the Monkey King he struggled because he couldn’t touch her but eventually binds her with the help of another God. The couldn’t touch her and control of the Waters, makes me think she will be a natural Logia, potentially achieved without a DF, of the water, and the Gorosei talking about a great cleanse makes me believe she will try another flood soon. Here is more info on Shuimu:

Cool find, even if i tmight not be the real thing, just make sure some lazy youtuber dont steal it.

nothing much to say to it tho, guess Dragon and luffy fighting together could be fun if we knew something about Papa Goofy