Current Events Imu is either Lili or someone related to her.

Nah...she probably got killed...or killed after doing how she sent a letter too.
Anyway, it seems to be a new plot but will just be an Alabasta story nothing for all I know. I mean if the kingdoms themselves were that important...we would have known about all 20 kingdoms during the journey. None of the CD too look like proper leaders
Aside from Doffy, Donquixote family turned out to be pretty fine. Doffy’s father was an idiot and a good willed man and Mjosgard seems like a pretty acceptable dude.
Explain why Oda said that the swords are an oath to never sit on the throne and the only one missing is hers then.
That is an oath for the CDs who made the Govt...and are basically the rulers(a group)...its a group of 19 so there are 19 swords...Lily is the same as the rulers of those CDs kingdoms Ruler...She doesn't have the same authority as those 19 who were at the top. Same as how DD's father left and became nothing..
I agree, there wasn't any need for Imu to appear before Cobra if the Gorosei knew everything
There was, they were lying to Cobra to protect Imu’s secret, but Im didnt care and them having to show up meant Cobras fate is sealed.

Basically they were playing dumb and acting like they dont know in the hopes that Cobra finds their answer acceptable and leaves.

But Im said fuck it and showed up to talk to Cobra about it. This is what lead to Cobra’s death.