Current Events In 3 Quick Chapters, Oda Ruined The Portrayal Of The Marines, Dragon, And Mihawk

Greenbull's introduction wasn't great (I'm of the opinion that trashing crippled and broken K&Q doesn't mean much to start with), but he still styled all over the RS and at the end of the day he only retreated when Shanks and his whole crew of YC and better pulled up unexpectedly. I was never of the opinion that an admiral could face that kind of thing, so it didn't ruin anything for me.

The snot was a bit pathetic but I suppose every group needs their Usopp.

Buggy is all about lucking into success and looking bigger than he really is since Impel Down. Mihawk choosing to build a scam around him with Crocodile so the Marines stop sending flies at him is in line with his previous portrayal of accepting to play lapdog to the WG for the same purpose. Don't see anything wrong with that, regardless of how strong he ends up being.

But it's true that Dragon is starting to look like a virtuous Buggy, that can move mountains and change the world by reputation alone but need to let others do the fightin'.
Dragon's not perfect but I wouldn't say his hype has been ruined. He's still Sabo's superior and he's been getting more focus lately than usually so I still expect big things from him. That flashback left me hopeful Oda will continue exploring his character and him seemingly being the one to train Sabo leaves me hopeful for Dragon's strength (that and him being Garp's son and Luffy's dad).

Mihawk is fine. Huge bounty, usual World's Strongest Swordsman hype, co-leader of Cross Guilde, he's doing great. Cross Guilde actually allows Oda to give Mihawk some agency rather than just waiting for Zoro. Hopefully he explores his character more. Marine Hunter was great hype as well.

The Navy probably got the most flack. There have been lots of changes in the One Piece world as of late and yeah, the Marines haven't been looking great. Disbanding the Warlords in place of SSG isn't too bad (reasonable even considering where Fuji and the royalty were coming from) but that occurring around the same time as the fiasco with the Revolutionaries getting Kuma back and escaping makes it seem iffy and now the World Government is trying to assassinate Vegapunk so the reliance on the SSG may backfire too.

Though on the flipside, Aramaki got some hype and feats in Wano. He was simply portrayed below the likes of Shanks and Kaido but that ain't bad when he also made clear Commanders have no business facing him. His fruit's pretty boss and he didn't even need to bust out his sword yet so I expect a bit more from him. The Admirals won't disappoint, depending on your expectations for them.

Overall, not every faction will look great 24/7. They clash and confront each other and it's not like every Bartle has to be some sort of tie, at times enemies get the one-up on you, not strange, plenty of time for the Navy to make up for it.
Actually it is not so terrible, also when compared to the manga dying it is like lamenting a broken chair when an earthquake destroyed the house.

Anyway as I see it:

Not talking about Sabo since we really don't know how the events unfolded with him. But Shanks actually didn't destroy the portrayal of the admirals, he already set it back in Marineford it is just that some people didn't and doesn't want to see it and now they are taking slaps to the face, now Kynagi finally recognizes it while some other keep to deny it or better keep trolling.

Dragon actually got terribly dehyped for me too. The point is that I can not care about it. Oda keep him in the fridge for decades giving him incredible hype but now thanks to Sabo, him being passive, sweating at the thought of attacking Marijoa to rescue Sabo etc. He has turned in almost a meme too at this point. But again this is a non problem when compared to Nika, fake deaths and so on.

Mihawk for me stays true to his character. He is humble and smart, I see no problems in him sitting with Buggy and Croco to be able to keep his peaceful lifestyle until Zoro is mature enough to give him his fight.
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Mihawk to Zoro is conpletly different from Shanks to Mihawk.

First off Mihawks character is his strength, other parts of his character is comedy and looking cool. Perfect opponent for Zoro. The guy analyses strength in everything daily and would kill Buggy at anytime.

Next is Shanks who presents a powerful presence.
Helps seeks balance in the world and is meant to be surpassed the next time we see this crew, perfect representation of how Luffy’s crew is supposed to be.