Theory Inspiration for IMU and Gorosei

Mythology: Chinese Mythology / Taoism


  • Saint Jupiter:
Azure Dragon. East, Wood

  • Saint Mars:
Yellow Phoenix. South, Fire

  • Saint Venus:
White Tiger. West, Wind, Metal

  • Saint Mercury:
Black Tortoise. North, Water

  • Saint Jaygarcia Saturn
Red Lion. Equator. Earth

Each of the GOROSEI originate from 1 of the seas. While, IMU originated in the ancient Kingdom itself located in the New World portion of the Grand Line. Imu was originally a native to the planet called; UMI. The planet was originally a planet made entirely of water, and IMU was the goddess of the planet.

However, seeing that all life was aquatic; IMU became interested in other types of life forms. So when extraterrestrial life forms landed on the planet - the D clan - she welcomed them with open arms.

Now the D clan was an advanced civilization. So they were able to create artificial islands, robots, and devil fruits to help them survive in the mostly aquatic environment.

However, some of the original inhabitants feared the D clan. They seeked the power and technology that the D clan brought for themselves. IMU was at first reluctant and wanted to appease both sides. However, one of the close allies to IMU betrayed her and framed the D clan as villains. Having no recourse left, IMU was forced to banish the D clan and support her subjects in a war against the D clan.

Roger having realized everything had just originated from a simple misunderstanding; just laughed. He laughed at how such a simple thing turned the entire world upside down for generations.

And now it's up to Luffy to show IMU that it's not too late to turn things around. To show her that it's never too late to right a wrong.