General & Others Introducing Toki made absolutely no sense


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'Be patient, just what a lil longer"

:suresure:People think Oda is getting young and can't die

If Oda doesn't stop dragging arcs and plots. Wasting chapters on fodders.
He might end up not finishing OP or rushing its ending
Well the manga will most likely not end before 2027 kicks in Ndule. I doubt Oda would neglect the opportunity to make it a 30 years journey.

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Maybe that is precisely the reason, Void Century seems to be ultimate secret of One Piece, probably what One Piece is.

So maybe Oda wants readers to be fully surprised when the entire story is revealed when straw hat reach Raftel rather than giving hints
That argument would have flown in Water 7 or even Dressrosa; we’re a thousand chapters in and amidst the most revelatory arc of the series with the conclusion starting after that, it’s not unreasonable to expect more than just random breadcrumbs that don’t match up to anything.