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The Beginning -
Now that the opening event has ended, it is time to begin everyone's adventure into the OP Role-play World! Players can begin their journey on any island in the 4 Blues. If you wish to get into the Grand Line right off the bat, however, then you will need to RP your journey at Twin Cape Lighthouse at the bottom of Reverse Mountain. If for story purposes you would prefer to start on some other island then pm the GMs and we will go over your proposal and decide whether or not to grant you access. Our approval will mostly depend on if beginning on that specific island is necessary for your story or any background on your character. For example, you're one of Big Mom's children who was born and raised on Whole Cake Island. As such, it makes sense for your journey to begin there. However, if you just want to be on WCI for the sake of being on WCI with no other intentions besides claiming it as a territory, then we can't let you do that. You'll have to start from the ground up at one of the Blues or Reverse Mountain.
Organizations -
If you're part of any organization, let's take a pirate captain for example, and need an area to record down information about your crew, the ship, and just a place to chat amongst each other, then use the Organizations section to do that. Create a thread in there with the name of your crew and simply get to work with whatever you may need. This applies to Revolutionary Officers, Marine Officers, or simply anybody who's in charge of a group.

Hosting -
Any role-player is eligible for hosting. There are no pre-requisites that need to be met beforehand. That being said though, you will be held to a standard as a host and are expected to perform relatively well with your RPing, have a decent pace with the story(don't be too slow to post), and just be overall someone who's willing to work with the participants. It is their story which you are partaking in after all. If you are in need of a host then simply ask in the general chat to see who is available. It would be a good idea to PM your host to work with them over some details and how you want the direction of the story to head in.

Players -
As most of y'all may know, those who participated in the opening event got to receive a higher initial level and even some rewards.

Level 50 - Owl Ki and Beerbottle
Level 40 - Mr. Anderson, Jiihad, Finalbeta, and Midnight Delight
Level 30 - Go D. Usopp

Not to mention, the Game Masters are starting their level at 50. Reminder for those who didn't participate in the event, you start off at level 20.

For those players who earned rewards in their fronts, @Jiihad and @Beerbottle here you go!

Jiihad -

Ringed Staff - Cursed Weapon
Rank: A

This staff can create small units of dense water, known as an Aqua Orb. It can attack for a max of 3 times per turn. The damage will be reduced with each split. These Aqua Orbs are formed from the water around the user. It can either take the water out of a plant or animal(cannot take water from an NPC or another role-player) or use a water source. The base strength of the Orb's attack is dependent on the mastery of this fighting style. So if the user puts 61 points into the mastery, the orb has a base strength of 61. Via the Aqua Orbs, this staff can allow its user to control the water around it to create floods, rain, etc.
  • 1-20 Basic Mastery – Can control 1 Aqua Orb
  • 21-40 Adept Mastery – Can control 2 Aqua Orbs
  • 41-60 Skilled Mastery – Can control 3 Aqua Orbs
  • 61-80 Proficient Mastery – Can control 4 Aqua Orbs
  • 81-99 Excellent Mastery – Can control 5 Aqua Orbs - Orbs now have a C-rank base DPR
  • 100 Supreme Mastery – Can control 10 Aqua Orbs - Can now create orbs out of thin air without having a water source
Techniques -
Room Pellet/Water Room Gun – Water is forcibly shot from the orb and blasts the target. (21 Mastery) – DPR: D

Ringed Staff Water Wave – Water spirals out of the room as it blasts a pulse of water at the target. (41 Mastery) – DPR: C

Beerbottle -

Size of the club can be downscaled or upscaled depending on its user
Troll’s Club - Cursed Weapon
Rank: A

21 Minimum Mastery in MA and Strength

This weapon gives its user the power to create golems using the earth around it. Whether it be dirt, sand, or mud, it can create a golem out of it. The golem's size will depend on your mastery. The higher the mastery, the larger in meters it can be. Upon its creation, the user is able to control the earth golem with ease and to command it to perform various tasks. However, the directions have to be simple.

Mastery = Golem’s size in meters
Mastery = Golem’s strength, agility, and vitality

  • 1-20 Basic Mastery –
  • 21-40 Adept Mastery –
  • 41-60 Skilled Mastery – May create 2 golems
  • 61-80 Proficient Mastery – Golems have a base DPR of C-rank when attacking
  • 81-99 Excellent Mastery – Golems have a base DPR of B-rank when attacking
  • 100 Supreme Mastery – May create 3 golems

Techniques -
Landslide – Bash enemies with an exploding sliding punch, and repeat for a devastating combo. (41 Mastery and 41 Titan Strength) – DPR: B

Tectonic Fall – Summon a titan made of clay, then send the titan crashing towards the enemy. (81 Mastery and 81 Titan Strength) – DPR: S

Do note that the techniques listed above aren't the only ones you may have. It is your weapon and you may create custom techniques to add to it with GM approval.
That takes care of all the announcements for now. This marks the official beginning of RP and from here on out, you may create battlegrounds to farm EXP or head straight into your story!

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