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Is Hawkins Dead?

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And how the heck did he predict more than 90% chance of killer losing to Hawkins and at the same time 1% chance of his own to win against killer :okay:
Because if he killed killer he would have lost to someone else?
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Makes sense why he was so gleeful with Killer. He knew it was his last stand. But he thought he could win that final fight.
Hawkins was one of my favorite Supernova after Sabaody. Such a cool design, a badass DF, and a cool character gimmick that is very relevant to the themes of the story about fate and destiny. What Oda did to him in this arc is criminal. He had the potential to be one of the most interesting characters we've had, and a big fan favorite, but it didn't go anywhere.

If he's really dead, then it's a big shame. A shitty ending for a wasted character.