Character Discussion Is Eustass Kid done for?

Do you think Kid will comeback to the story and still be relevant?

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Where's everyone going? Bingo?
After the incredible chapter 1079, Kid and his crew seem to be really fucked, to say the least lmao.

Their ship got destroyed, the crew is begging for their lives, they gave up their Poneglyph rubbings, and both Kid and Killer got defeated and humiliated a second time by the Red Hair Pirates.

Do you think Kid's story in One Piece is over? or at least his career as a pirate looking to be the Pirate King?

or do you think he is gonna comeback, stronger than ever, and maybe even get revenge on Shanks?

Tell me your thoughts!
Early spoilers proved to be fake and his dream has not been shattered. As a matter of fact, that scenario would have ended his character, but in the actual story developement, he can still try to reach his ambition: become a Yonkou.

I know were you're going Oda: an Alliance between Blackbeard and Kidd to take out the Red Haired pirates.